Chicago teachers close to agreement to end strike

Teachers and parents urge lawmakers and the union to reach an agreement so children can go back to school.
4:40 | 10/30/19

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Transcript for Chicago teachers close to agreement to end strike
To Chicago now and huge headache. For families and children in that city the city's. For the nation's third largest school district a strike a public school teachers 125000. Union members there is now canceled classes. For a tenth straight day parents are having to scramble there to get their kids care some spinning their wheels at home although. Today the school board allowed some football players to go back to practice teachers of course growing frustrated as well. Grueling impact that everybody we're joined now by two figures in this mass Amy Wallace she's the parent of a junior at lane tech college. Prep high school in Chicago also joined. By Chicago public school teacher Daniel Bender he's a ninth grade social studies teacher late few high school guys think you. So much for being here Daniel I want to start with you. As a teacher in the district help us understand what the strike is all about what teachers are hoping for here. Sure they sir having me on. Which is they're striking for today is a better way to order students. Two to Chicago across all areas this city from the north side outside westside everywhere. We want to make sure that we have the resources keeper class sizes manageable so that we can have plenty of one on one time with a student that everyone in this city cares so much about. And if it is Anderson editor Amer seen on screen now some undid the sticking points in this negotiation obviously pays one in them but. Sosa struck and his struggle teachers are really pushing for smaller class sizes. And more resource since the resources for students particularly when it comes to mental health. Yet the real shame that this is really the only way to fight for these students to make sure that they have all the sport they can get shouldn't have to be that way it should be. We should be able to go up to the powers that be and say this is what we need to make sure that every signature of Chicago and eight. And they say here great we support that instead we have a mayor who is frankly betrayed he's that there's not going to be a strike on her watch. And has now carried on a and they strike and counting on and should not giving up and it should promise. Yeah Lori Lightfoot the new mayor of Chicago and a bit of a bind there and hit and trying to thread the needle on this one Amy. A let's bring you into the conversation you. I have had several kids raise them in the Chicago school district spent through a couple of strikes already. How does this strike compare for you what's the biggest impact on your family and other families. Well I have your kids up at colleges are now this one's a little easier mighty young juniors and it's not impacting me I am. Have to worry about Chad carrying out letters you know the schools are open and I. You know I mean people that have to go to work in their kids may be don't want to be Harmon. And all of that let you know this is junior year for us two's I worry about her following behind. And you know they they resuscitate a practice SAT this morning that acts council on the you know where we're looking at college in these kids have been at a school for ten and which nothing to do I mean there's narrow. What they are to what is your child doing all that. Sleep thing. The thing that benefit benefit. That is praying together to help around my house as west zone going to work my hat is working and you know they're they're just not doing anything I don't know if anything was assigned before a district because we did notice was. Tactic are coming this is like our third straight I think in our family. I'm. That and play your message to both sides in this Sany as it has he we just heard from from Daniel their teachers frustrate yeah there is frustrated what what what he would you say it again to both those sides if you were in the room. I would say we have to find a way to come together and Aaron Palestinian. Yet prices were MEM million years ago to teachers that are still aren't system and does financial. Problems are continuing with new hires and things that are going to Florida I think actually prop out but. In the mean time you know my kids. My youngest had 42 kids in her kindergarten first and second grade classrooms are maps is too many kids for the teachers to get their jabs stuff. Yeah and Danielle how our how optimistic are you that that a deal is close there's been some chatter today there were something could be imminent. I don't I mean where taxpayers do we've got children better out of school we want this finished up to his spotless and get out parents or indicate that we bought it. Let's hope for quick outcome to this thing Amy Wallace. Apparent in the Chicago public school district in Daniel Bender teacher. And Chicago Public Schools appreciate both of you very much for your time this afternoon thanks for coming and ABC news live.

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{"duration":"4:40","description":"Teachers and parents urge lawmakers and the union to reach an agreement so children can go back to school.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"66645993","title":"Chicago teachers close to agreement to end strike","url":"/US/video/chicago-teachers-close-agreement-end-strike-66645993"}