Chilling testimony from medical expert in Derek Chauvin trial

ABC News’ Linsey Davis speaks with civil rights attorney Channa Lloyd about the testimony from the medical expert who said George Floyd died from oxygen deprivation and not a drug overdose.
4:07 | 04/09/21

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Transcript for Chilling testimony from medical expert in Derek Chauvin trial
And for more analysis we bring in China Lloyd a civil rights attorney with a Cochran firm in Florida thanks much for joining us again this Lloyd. That we heard that chilling testimony today from doctor Markel total bid arguing that it. George Floyd died from oxygen deprivation even as he fought so hard to breathe and not from a drug overdose let's listen to one of those moments. He is mr. Floyd guy made. From a low level of oxygen. And had this. Cause damage to his brain that we see and it can also cause. I had PGA every man that cause his car to stop. And I PE HU mean pulse less electrical activity. Current offensive T get her form of it that Norman. How effective would you say doctor Tobin was it making the State's cause of death cheese sand and was the defense able to poking holes in this testimony. Cutting their state was area faster than what we're trying to do with this particular expert. He was everything that you would hope the next order TV he was engaging the jury was following along they were hanging Greenberg. Was able to get embassy sent her saying he was exam costs and you actually pinpoint and a marina which is sent us. Track each persons and things are distressed. That fast track to. Coles and I just over six slow as he was in connecting with the jury and getting the information they received. And we've heard the defense argued it's Eric show opened Snead was on flowing shoulder blade or the face of his neck rather than the next itself but doctor Tobin said today even sell it wouldn't really matter. Yes and I think that is going to be a serious. Blow to the defense secrets here we have is. Fine ash just I went and listen now. What this older the suspect is a saint and I think it's very weak from someone would just slow experience and knowledge. Analysts here now would doctor Tobin had to say about the length of time Schilling was on top of slate. So what's that need them lifted off of his neck at the point there was no oxygen in his body known in the remained on the name. Form or another three minutes in two seconds faster. We reached a point where there's not a more amounts of oxygen from the book. Children is of course charged with second degree murder would you say that this testimony helps the prosecution establish opens intent to commit that crime. Absolutely and anyone it's Sherry is sleeping child knows the difference to king's ransom in absolutely we motionless and then when their act she said it sees the amount of time he had actually recognized that's something changes. And we also heard testimony from a forensic toxicology expert called by the prosecution has so that George Floyd had low levels of fentanyl in methamphetamine in his blood when he died she is the fact Floyd had any illicit drugs and potential problem for the prosecution here. Any time we had a drug use it's a complicating factor you can't seem to matter but what they're doing a period of jobless is neutral. You notice it's deer and President Bush he's experts and neutralizing in the same eye seeing there was such a low level should they don't believe that it had any country. Actual. Acts. That's significant are. And we've got into the place in this trial where the testimony has become a high elite technical some would say in the weeds perhaps but do you think in this case remains as dramatic as ever. I think it is indeed experts are bringing a lot of blanks to let people scene and moment second start in the media every one was washing and you are playing a serious see exactly when was that moment and what's unconscious when he should pass. He's an alarming is that a jury were searching for and these sorts that are undermining. Sort of I think you're gonna see it over me engaged. Experts in Alexandria hiring technical. Shana Lloyd appreciate your time in your insight thank you. Thank you.

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{"duration":"4:07","description":"ABC News’ Linsey Davis speaks with civil rights attorney Channa Lloyd about the testimony from the medical expert who said George Floyd died from oxygen deprivation and not a drug overdose.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"76958287","title":"Chilling testimony from medical expert in Derek Chauvin trial","url":"/US/video/chilling-testimony-medical-expert-derek-chauvin-trial-76958287"}