Climate change affecting record wildfire season

A record-breaking 2020 fire season is likely a result of the growing climate change crisis around the world.
3:27 | 12/03/20

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Climate change affecting record wildfire season
California's record breaking 120 fire season has now become a fire year. The bond fire exploded overnight in Southern California a rare sight this close to winter. And this can all be tied to one factor many people say climate change and she's Caylee heart or more. More than eight million acres have gone up in flames in 20/20. Breaking records. This year's devastation this story before he even over the last time multiple fires. Exploded and killed by hurricane foresee an Ana winds. Well I. I found this fire is unstoppable. Wiling Colorado it took a snowstorm to slow down the largest fire in the states recorded history. Prepare for the worst this is the worst of the worst of the worst. In the last few years the worst has become the new normal. ABC news's good on the front line this intense. Waves of our destroy the whole night authorities are trying to put this fire out. Right now I'm. The intensity that is absolutely enormous they heat is. Overwhelming. This is ensuring they're dealing with what they're doing right now they're saying they're blackening the life of the buyer isn't in the trees put firefighters called his grounding. What years. We've seen things escalating. Don't wait. But we are we really don't have both fighters. She. Went out of prior year. These fires are growing larger and Bernie ward ten can be quicker science explaining one recent. Climate change. It's a pretty strong winds and a growing stronger over time and physically each. Forming in places like cal and is trying out the vegetation true creator Stan Dniester Hearst or. Heat wage rose to California this summer Death Valley rising to a 130 degrees and possibly the highest temperature ever reliably reported on earth. California fire officials say there's no denying the next. It is looking for evidence of change and it's AIR. World security. Absolutely edit. YouTube and Bryant editor at all and grabbing arm. The land you here or. With over 51 million people living on the West Coast but. More and more people are forced to build new homes in high fire danger zones. It makes the job. Fighting a minor. And living with Wyle hire more oh we are shatters so. Our cross the land there is no basis in California but it does have some risk while. Earlier this year in the dairy creek fire one volunteer firefighter lost everything while he was battling the blaze. Or just devastating. Carter bridging. News. Metal laws I just don't want to think about too much prefer religious hurts too much. And following that deadly campfire last year this Stanley moves or again only to be impacted by fires near this year. Remember we finish let. Strictly for a great team great paying for ABC news lines and healing our time Los Angeles. Replace what would still heartbreaking to see our thanks to Caylee for that report.

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{"duration":"3:27","description":"A record-breaking 2020 fire season is likely a result of the growing climate change crisis around the world.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"74527841","title":"Climate change affecting record wildfire season","url":"/US/video/climate-change-affecting-record-wildfire-season-74527841"}