Composite sketch of Texas shooting suspect released amid manhunt

The search for the man who fatally shot 7-year-old Jazmine Barnes continues.
2:41 | 01/04/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Composite sketch of Texas shooting suspect released amid manhunt
We're gonna move on right now into the desperate manhunt that is taking place in Houston of course for the killer of that seven year old child and young girl who was there in the car with her sister's. And her mother you're driving on a roadway when someone opened fire her funeral this week in the manhunt continues here's wheel car what. Good morning Dennis authorities here at the Harris county sheriff's office are hoping for a big break in this case after they just released new surveillance video. Of the suspect's truck actually team that would Nass you know what the government shut down. To enhance that video that shows the truck. Driving throughout the streets of west Houston just a short time before they say the suspect in that truck shot and killed seven year old does mean a bars they. Also just released this composite of the suspect and they want for people in this area. Take a hard look at this picture this is a composite from the description. That doesn't mean as sisters. Offer to authorities here they say the suspect is a white male wearing a dark Cuddy. That he's in his thirties or is forty's and that he skinny and they say that he was sick looking. This all happened last Sunday just mean it was in the car with her mom and her three sisters in west Houston when authorities say that red pickup truck drove up next to that. And then that suspect started firing into that truck to as mean sadly tragically. Was killed were mauled. Was shot in the arm now I spoke one on one with the syrupy tells me at this point it's really unclear. At this is racially motivated he also says that they're taking a Sackett a hard look. At an unsolved case from back and Tony seventeen another shooting to see if there are any direct links between these shootings at this point he says it doesn't appear so but. You ought to be 100%. Sure that they don't have a serial shooter. On the streets. The same time the community here is really rallying around does mean is family they have. Raise more than a 100000. Dollars for information that would lead to an arrest. Celebrities like Shaq. Local. A police officer here in Houston have teamed up to donate some money to that also. Houston Texans wide receiver in stark. The Audrey Hopkins has pledged. It's playoff Jack. Up from this upcoming weekend. To go to that fund as well that's when he 9000 dollars just mean his mom tells me that that really means the world to her family right now after they pretty much. Lost everything they're struggling knowing that so may people not only here in Houston but across the country. Are supporting them. Really means everything to them. Davis. Thanks Matt good will that they need all the support that they can get especially this weekend with the funeral. Arrangements planned for that young lady.

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{"duration":"2:41","description":"The search for the man who fatally shot 7-year-old Jazmine Barnes continues. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"60161895","title":"Composite sketch of Texas shooting suspect released amid manhunt","url":"/US/video/composite-sketch-texas-shooting-suspect-released-amid-manhunt-60161895"}