Critical surgeries put on hold due to COVID-19

Thousands have been forced to put off potentially lifesaving surgeries as the coronavirus pandemic overwhelms hospitals across the U.S.
5:05 | 04/16/20

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Transcript for Critical surgeries put on hold due to COVID-19
With hospitals across the country facing a crush of patients with come in nineteen both routine medical visits and surgeries that would have an urgent and any other time are now. Taking a back seat as many local and state health authorities put a halt to non emergency procedures. Now some doctors fear that some of those delayed medical treatments could have their own devastating told ABC's will car has the story. Doctors and nurses on the front lines from another medical crisis that. It's reputed to have. Several local fox. Well we can't eat them from a lot more you know people who suffer big guy. Are you are demanding that every minute he did get a gun issue should rest are now. So many hospital resources concentrating in the cove ignites a crisis and your local health departments have ordered a ban on nonessential surgeries. Pushing serious medical procedures back some indefinitely. Your concern that more people can die by not getting this surgery is a need right now then from the corona. The longer we go now no question about it no question about in the center is grant no question but yeah. And under militant DO does not bliss is treating Rosemary Kathleen Ginny CSF in the Bay Area. Rosemary has to brain tumors this constant pressure. So it's always thought my client. You're supposed to operate in March to remove one tumor and find out and both are cancerous. The date for surgery went around and shape because of that city order Rosemary and her husband Rick were told they have to wait. You know we're gonna cancel elective surgeries last lol she's having brain surgery this is not elective. No he'll embrace. This they slipped. In hospitals across the country patients with critical life in debt issues are being pushed to the top of the list for surgeries. Doctor knew shot New Jersey worries about the other surgeries being delayed. Vehicle are our urgent procedures that should be got. A lot RB. And goals are being we usually do what are NASA's which is that remain hostile would do about seventy operations that day that's altogether services. And we're down to about eight. Day. Eight. And Washington State his Raeburn suffers from tremors she's undergoing deep brain stimulation which requires two surgeries. In the middle upper first while she was awake on the operating table she says she found out the planned for the second change. My neurosurgeon. Who's standing right behind step lives I had some good news I Abdullah. The bad news and diced it can't hit. He's the good news is that are not it's intense gone every well. The bad news is that your second surgery had just been. It definitely. Crossed our. Adding stress agents like Rosemary who's been the good had a successful brain surgery Monday and have their Stanley split then the war during or after it was. Journalists. I will ought to hold her hand let's go sleep. And I don't give her underwear to examine all of our folks who. Street. Talking dean will Kerr joins us now will how these patients that you spoke with coping with these delayed procedures and and how of the doctors and hospitals deciding. Who gets to the front of the line. While wins it's a healthy balancing act there trying to weigh those critical surgeries that people need vs keeping all the facilities hospitals across the country safe. As for the patients we've been talking to they're all taking it in stride you heard from whiz. With the tremor she has to have a couple devices installed during her surgeries and she's keeping at. Healthy sense of humor she told me that she's looking forward to being a functional cyborg which really cracked me up and also made her husband laughed. There was also her photographer because of our technical difficulties so she was definitely keeping a good sense of humor. And as hospitals try to get through the immediate crisis what are doctors saying some of the long term consequences of these delayed surgeries can be. One doctor tells me that right now they have a backlog of surgeries that there's case load up six months he says that's right now his biggest concern is what that backlog. Full turning into as this crisis continues to move forward from another doctor tells me his biggest concern is economic all the hospitals across the country playing in their budgets. These surgeries the money that comes from these surgeries. He's worried that on the back to end of this crisis the very men and women were on the front lines right now could see pay cuts. Or even playoffs Bruins. RI it will car thanks to you.

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{"duration":"5:05","description":"Thousands have been forced to put off potentially lifesaving surgeries as the coronavirus pandemic overwhelms hospitals across the U.S.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"70174602","title":"Critical surgeries put on hold due to COVID-19","url":"/US/video/critical-surgeries-put-hold-due-covid-19-70174602"}