'CrucibleArms' Demos Tavor SAR Rifle

NRA Certified Firearms Instructor describes himself as a "firearm enthusiast" on his YouTube channel.
3:00 | 01/14/14

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Transcript for 'CrucibleArms' Demos Tavor SAR Rifle
Used by the Israeli military since the year 2009 what -- went into service. That the war is one of the best -- pops off the market today. Available since April Tony thirteen here in the US it's manufactured here in the USA. And is made of both Israeli and US parts. When the advantages to this platforms it does take the standard 556 by 45 caliber round lake standard military air fifteen -- or. It will feed right into the to war. -- rock general this particular rifles got a typical polymer body. It's got a sixteen in palm lined. Cold hammer forged barrel with a right hand one and seven -- IW I'd also gonna be releasing a nine millimeter conversion -- for this. That's also gonna make it available a 545 by 39 Russian -- this is got a full sixteen inch barrel. With the entire package is only 26 inches long -- accomplished by putting the -- assembly group back here in the -- stock rather than further up on the platform. So again you get the full advantage of having a full sixteen inch -- get an eighteen inch Borough of this as well but the overall link -- -- point six inches. Developed to provide the Israeli defense forces -- platform suited for close quarter combat in urban environments. Proportional to pull -- platform can be more maneuverable in tight spaces including vehicles and provide a smaller soldiers -- what to the -- All this while maintaining the politics of a full fight them -- -- There couple variations of this designed but this particular one comes before -- continue rail on the top. As wells a 45 degree to continue -- along -- side nice things about the a 45 degree real on this for accessories. If you flip it over. There's the ability to put a button in for -- -- for a laser.

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{"id":21534353,"title":"'CrucibleArms' Demos Tavor SAR Rifle","duration":"3:00","description":"NRA Certified Firearms Instructor describes himself as a \"firearm enthusiast\" on his YouTube channel.","url":"/US/video/cruciblearms-demos-tavor-sar-rifle-21534353","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}