Deadly Plane Crash at Wichita Airport

Investigators will try to enter damaged building today.
7:58 | 10/31/14

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Transcript for Deadly Plane Crash at Wichita Airport
Investigators hoping to learn more today about that deadly plane crash at the Wichita airport the plane slamming into a flight safety building after one of its engines one out. Today they will go into that building for the first time since the crash. Hello everyone anti Hernandez in New York the NTSB is set to give a news conference about that crashed as heavy equipment is being hauled in to remove parts of the building that was hit. It's been too dangerous to enter since the crash but before that began ABC's Ryan Smith with more from Wichita. This morning a community reeling after a tragedy in the sky it all started when a small plane taking off from Wichita airport Thursday morning. Quickly lost power. Yeah. This mayday call from the plane telling the horrific tale the pilot losing control veering to the left and crashing into this flight training building. About 100 people trapped inside the burning building. Well we're on a conference call to building just kind of shook and rumbled. We saw the key block to the aircraft up on top of the building on fire us. Only the pilot was on board. Identified overnight as mark Goldstein. A former air traffic controller and navy veteran he died in the crash along with three people inside the building which housed a flight simulator. Five others rushed to the hospital. One person still in serious condition Goldstein recently retired. We twice earned top air traffic control safety awards I would trust of my life. The incident. The latest in a string of some very bad luck at this airport. It December 1 employee allegedly tried to drive an explosive filled bay and onto the tarmac. In January a man ramming his truck into a security gate but officials say Thursday's crash was not intentional. Just a devastating misfortune. What the authorities can fully access the building the harrowing part begins possible recovery of remains in determining a specific cause. In the meantime irony here that people come from across the country to approve their flight safety skills in this building. Only to find themselves in the midst of an aviation tragedy. Ryan Smith ABC news Wichita Kansas. And officials are now updating us on the crash and the investigation. And it paid known by the corps' office. When they when they have the information that the update. What are we are not one in order to guarantee that. Was saluted trying to remove. The deceased from the building. In so at that Time Warner but for who they are. If it. Is possible old herb mixture we have the safety of the firefighters are burials going to build a yes. Yes. Well yes. And has been given. Just. I think. Yes. So the playing for today is first we want to render the structure safe as we Kim. We're obviously and arrested in getting the deceased out of the building. Were also interested in recovering some of the essential aircraft parts that they want to take a look at. I don't know yet specifically what those parts are but obviously pieces of the aircraft need to be recovered. Once were able to accomplish those things then obviously we need to get back together and find out what the next steps going to be. Avoid by. That the question is the frustration for the bodies still being in the building. Were obviously want to be very sensitive to the fact that these folks have families and their loved ones that are. Obviously a questions in in this entire communities has been. Rocked by this we don't like. Leaving. Folks who have died in a structure or or any other place. Overnight especially and the fact of the matter is is that we don't want to get anybody else for. We risk a lot to save a lot but we risked little to save little and at this point in time it's more important. To do this safely and in do it properly and make sure that were covering all the bases and in continued to pay attention to safety so that nobody else gets hurt. In the recovery process. That's that's a process that we want to do well and we want to take our time doing it who wanna do it right. I don't have any information on on any of the injuries from yesterday by don't have an update yeah. I'm. We are able to. Gain access to three of the four simulators initially. And the three of the fatalities that we have. Laurie and one of the flight simulators were able to gain access to there's one that we were not able to gain access to we are. Relatively confident that there are no bodies inside four points and project. One. Yes. There wasn't safe to do it can do our protocol. When we identified that we have a fatality if there in August fatality we leave them in place for the investigative effort. As opposed to trying to compromise. Investigators say. It's important that we got ago. Yeah her. Up K there. We have news conference by various officials. In Wichita giving us an update on that tragic plane crashed into the tower there that building still on structurally sound they believe. Three people were inside the building when the plane crash a total of four fatalities. Including the pilot let's go now to the opening comments by the fire Marshal. I giving update on what's going on we've had a structural engineer come out. And give us an assessment of the structure is as far as integrity goes. Were concerned about the safety. Our personnel and other agency personnel that would need to go in. And and accomplish. The retrieval. Or fatalities. We have some contractors coming out to. Give us an assessment. What needs to be done to render the building safe to make it safe to go into. That's going to be accomplished to sometime later this morning. And then we anticipate. Actually getting heavy equipment out here on side. Probably around the noon hour or shortly thereafter. And start to deconstruct some of the building so that we can get inside. And do the things that we need to do. I do want to also acknowledge that we've had a great deal cooperation from a multitude of agencies. Especially here locally. Between the which tall part apartment the police department the sheriff's department. We've had the building department out here obviously airport safety has been in truly involved in in all of the these decisions. And the cooperation in the inner agencies agreements. Have really. Served us well. An official there speaking half of the fire department and that the building. That the plane crashed into is still under structurally sounds. Structurally unsound I should say and they are making attempts to get into the building. Once they shored up he can keep up with this story in real time by downloading the ABC news happened starring this story for exclusive updates on the go. For now I'm tired Hernandez in New York.

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