Deadly tornadoes tear up homes, leave path of destruction

One tornado severely damaged a 112-year-old house in Oklahoma, moving it off its foundation and making the home unlivable.
2:47 | 05/21/19

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Transcript for Deadly tornadoes tear up homes, leave path of destruction
I write we began with this severe weather across the country dangerous dust and destructive weather still in effect. Eighteen reported tornadoes in four states. Tex is Missouri Kansas and Oklahoma so rob Marciano is on the ground and Magnum oak and Oklahoma with the latest rob. Hello Kimberly boy what a day it was yesterday we were tracking itself for much of the afternoon across southwest Oklahoma that eventually dropped. It large tornado that did heavy damage to this property obviously there's trees. All sorts of kind of a look at this home I mean my goodness what a beautiful beautiful home. The window's completely blown out the roof ripped off there and then outside of robbery there's court debris and origins steel. Just just about everywhere another one not a tree blown out and look at this but it is that you gotta gotta give you a tour of the of the whole property. That that family couple lives here social we'd. And I feel so bad for what happened them look at this imagining in this in this SUV when the storm came through this would these windows completely blown out at some miracle. But it wasn't completely. Completely tipped over. Its other storms coming through the northern part of town and the family actually was on the front porch. Watching it reduced dose of the front porches here the storm was coming from from that direction and then pretty much gave them a direct hit. But now you can see. What happened to their home did these pillars. They're cracked. Baird nudge their tilting their leaning. And then over hair. The actual foundation. Is nudged off. Thousand dollars off its foundation by by a good ten and twelve inches right there so. That's not structurally sound. It took me for a tour inside it's it's not livable I mean it's just it's just an absolute mess and they loved this thing it's a 112 years old. And the sad reality is that that they may have to to rebuild. Their travel truck trailer there is banged up that this guy's. Retired law enforcement officer now you've he has a working farm with with steer and and horses. And there's heavy damage across this whole area they love this spot made they they wanna stay in his home but. Dated may very well have to rebuild their happy of course to be alive they were huddled inside in the laundry room as a storm was coming through. No injuries no fatalities as of this report so that's a good part but the folks that are then impacted by this round of severe weather certainly. Are gonna have a long road to recovery. More severe weather today a little farther east in the match we reset here in the plains odd tomorrow and then especially on Thursday we could have more on the way. Damaging violent tornadoes. It really. Right rat Fink you know I crack myself he was in Maine gum Oklahoma.

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{"duration":"2:47","description":"One tornado severely damaged a 112-year-old house in Oklahoma, moving it off its foundation and making the home unlivable.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"63176554","title":"Deadly tornadoes tear up homes, leave path of destruction","url":"/US/video/deadly-tornadoes-tear-homes-leave-path-destruction-63176554"}