Deadly tornadoes tear through the South

Cleanup efforts are underway in Mississippi after storms wreaked havoc on the region with winds topping out at 130 mph.
2:38 | 02/25/19

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Transcript for Deadly tornadoes tear through the South
And that weather were more than ninety million people are bracing for strong winds after tornadoes ripped through the south leaving a path of damage ABC's Marcus mores in Columbus, Mississippi one of the hardest hit areas in markets. What does it look like they're right now. A dying good morning it's a messy scene here we're inside what is left they. I charged here in Columbus, Mississippi that is you can see the sanctuary. Took a direct hit. And it is exposed sue the elements here the sun is shining and you see all of the destruction this is where the the pastor Randy. Church choir would stand on a Sunday morning on during services during the week instead into the pile or rubble. And then some I laughed you see some of the up Hughes and that will be interesting thing that we noticed follow we got here after the storm hit was the fact that refuse appeared to be untouched. And then the pulpit was right here it was also we understand according to church members. Untouched despite the wins that the National Weather Service says more upwards of a 130 miles an hour of the experts with the a weather service saying that this tornado that caused all of this damage here. Was an EF three and I and we know that one person was killed when the building she was then. Collapsed on top of her. She was pulled from that rubble badly injured and rushed to an area hospital where sadly she passed away on the operating table and several people were hurt. But this is a scene as you see here this destruction that has been repeated throughout the region here in Columbus a number of homes and businesses also taking direct hits so they have a lot Diane to clean up here. In the coming days weeks and and perhaps months. I bed and has the area Handel in that cleanup now. I'd done the best they can really I'm as a strong people here in the certainly no strangers. Two severe weather and what we have seen in our time here. Is obvious to the work to. Get the infrastructure back up and running that the power lines and getting a debris cleared and we also see people helping people neighbors who are here. Family members who have arrived to help their relatives clean up what they can at their homes because their people who have literally. Lost their homes that are the rules are gone or walls have been knocked down so. They don't have to start. From scratch and having said that Diane there is is that still a real sense of optimism despite the destruction you see here. They are confident that they will be able to move forward from this but it'll be a a difficult road. Understandably so Marcus Moore there from Mississippi we appreciate Marquez thank you.

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{"duration":"2:38","description":"Cleanup efforts are underway in Mississippi after storms wreaked havoc on the region with winds topping out at 130 mph. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"61301415","title":"Deadly tornadoes tear through the South","url":"/US/video/deadly-tornadoes-tear-south-61301415"}