Delta commits $1 billion to cutting carbon emissions

The company said this is part of a goal to become the world’s first carbon-neutral airline.
3:40 | 02/15/20

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Transcript for Delta commits $1 billion to cutting carbon emissions
When you think about companies that are environmentally friendly you'll likely don't think of airlines and delta. Is trying to change that the airline says it will commit a billion dollars of the next decade to cut down on carbon emissions delta says this is. All part of its goal to become the first carbon neutral airline in the world. With more on exactly how that could work I want to bring in our David Curley David thanks much for joining us break this down for us. Well it's going to be a difficult path for Delta Airlines a hundred million dollars a year for the next ten years to try and become carbon neutral. Not airlines. Count for about 2% of the carbon that's emitted into the atmosphere. And we don't see any electric planes coming so it's going to be difficult. To reach this just through the airline operations itself because they. They think Bernal lot of jet fuel bout. 90% of their carbon footprint is what they burn. In their jets so they're trying to get more fuel efficient planes they're looking at biofuels as are the other airlines as well to try and reduce the amount. A jet fuel its burn anywhere that they can. You know. Keep the the taxi. Out to the runway a little bit quicker anything to kinda cut that amount of fuel but. When you get down to it that way they're gonna have to do it is through carbon offsets or carbon credits. And they'll probably buying quite a few of those to try and reach that goal in as I mentioned the other airlines are trying. To get along this path united says it wants to be carbon neutral far outs. Corporate travelers. And you American and southwest both are also looking it had. More fuel efficient aircraft and these biofuels to try and reduce the amount a chained it to actually burn into the atmosphere so is a carbon neutral airline actually realistic. Well workers electric planes anytime soon. Yes if you buy if you accept the fact that you can buy credits and do offsets that you can buy your way. To carbon neutrality then yes they can do it but once again. Their main impact on carbon is with they've burned to get you from point a to point B. Argument let's switch gears for a moment you likely saw this video that's gone viral and our man repeatedly hitting them back from a woman seat like a punching bag apparently. Because she had reclined her seat now put aside how many of us might react in this situation the CEO delta had an interesting take here's what he says this morning on CNBC. I I think customers have the right to recline but I think that the proper thing to do is if you're gonna they're gonna recline into somebody that you ask if it's okay. First and then you do it. So is that where we really aren't we have to ask for permission to recliner seats Newsday. Well he was talking about if there's a tall person behind Jew whose knees might be up against the seat might be polite to ask. But yeah I mean this is what you hear from the CEOs and and that the two things are asking for. When you're in it aircraft are embassy and politeness and I don't think that's too much to ask. I think what he was trying to say and he said as CEO he does not reclined in a somebody declines on him he doesn't say any thing. Politeness. If somebody really tall behind you. Maybe you should ask now that that that video. That the gentleman behind this who tease fund. Staying on that Blakey C is actually against the rear Balkan his C couldn't recline. But that kind of behaviors you read I mean c'mon we're on the same medal to do we really need this. I think that I would politely like Tesla CEOs for more legroom but that's a different story hospital. Can I tell you one thing that they're doing is they're not allowing his history Klein is much and writings very minimal. And not much sleep on airplanes don't change and David Wright thank you so much for your tunnel you can see it.

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{"duration":"3:40","description":"The company said this is part of a goal to become the world’s first carbon-neutral airline.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"68997727","title":"Delta commits $1 billion to cutting carbon emissions","url":"/US/video/delta-commits-billion-cutting-carbon-emissions-68997727"}