Derek Chauvin trial enters Day 9

Criminal defense attorney Phillip Hamilton discusses the dispute over what George Floyd said while pinned down by police and the position of Chauvin’s knee on Floyd.
3:56 | 04/08/21

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Transcript for Derek Chauvin trial enters Day 9
Let's bring criminal defense and civil rights attorney Phillip Hamilton for more analysis here well. What do you make of the dispute over whether Floyd said I ate too many drugs or I ain't doing no drugs we know that he had drugs and his system so. Why don't focus on what he said there. Well in many respects it is upon the defense. Is going to try to cut into the prosecution's murder and one of the way are being. For all of your eggs and proper in this case one of the more credible ones at least ET usual cost Asian. So do you think it is fans can highlight that fact. Then he wasn't necessarily. But rather some combination of other factors that even outside of EU pressure are also an. Resulting in poor costs. Mr. Floyd. And doesn't he send it our goal is indeed came on either consent since it is certainly Husseini EG Twomey drugs. Police Maloney it could potentially help undercuts the market is provided by paramedics last week. Who would have since fired upon Iraq the scene mister lawyer it was essentially handle all. And it is usually within our armed Iraq we'll see city's 100 army. Back Asia on your understand what you're hearing. These are always sing hey he ate too many drugs. It engages the highlight that argument that it Caucasian year may not be as simple as the prosecution and turning it seemed. And we are third a lot of questions about the exact position of show winds knees on Floyd's body and whether his. Left me was on the side of the neck the base of the neck the shoulder how effective was that questioning. You know. I think he is affected malls particularly in this incident you're talking about the precedent when all we could cost you sixty Asian. Clearly the positioning of the knee is going to. Indeed they know you're viewing. In that you know Tinsley wasn't so we need a car he sees the Asian. But again it was actually some other cause of death just all get called Lloyds that you look at Ian Kennedy needs highlight akin. And where it is you don't actually and her ORE. He's expert yesterday just unnecessary force for waiting well beyond what we eat you he. At a certain going to control mr. Floyd and I was particularly someone you an expert on LAPD. And an organization that we know from an historical there has been right. We allegations are home excesses were being you know back to the ranking means. And before that while trying to continue to work to have somebody coming from the OEE invaded or Palestinian and there I think it was quite talent so you know in our community sixteen million or anything along those are. The prosecution had a legal arguments because they know leaders are under cut into in regards the caucasians. So what are you watching pours a trial resumes this morning. Well I want yearly Moore says. Our ecology related issues and in terms of how medical expert Armenian. Again the prosecution I think if you're worried he's on occasion they work in poor and the only people seen just an international standpoint. Over the course of the last year it was all these are guys you why I say mr. Blix that. What it individually are worried are you causation are so decent and they're putting on medical testimony today. To attract the most likely rookie back there he really had any being exhumed from a primary end point. We mr. Floyd's heart condition or you know some of the substance abuse related issues that Mir in involved in this matter but more specifically it was officers shall we meet. And officers shall end at. And innocence because mr. Floyd's dad and I'm looking just to see more power substantively we're gonna be into that morning because I don't quite Olympic bronze news. Ryan attorney Phillip Hamilton we appreciate your time as always thank you. Here.

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{"duration":"3:56","description":"Criminal defense attorney Phillip Hamilton discusses the dispute over what George Floyd said while pinned down by police and the position of Chauvin’s knee on Floyd. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"76949591","title":"Derek Chauvin trial enters Day 9","url":"/US/video/derek-chauvin-trial-enters-day-76949591"}