New details emerge on F-16 jet that crashed into warehouse

The pilot of the aircraft safely ejected before the aircraft crashed, injuring 12 people.
2:41 | 05/17/19

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Transcript for New details emerge on F-16 jet that crashed into warehouse
We began in Southern California where an F sixteen military jet crashed into a warehouse that was right next to the runway. Thankfully the pilot ejected and is doing okay I wanna go to mad gunman in Riverside California with more Matt. Hey Kimberly priests are real press conference here just a few minutes ago other members of the military. The fire chief police. Ian TV emergency response. Here in Riverside California. So ABC news has confirmed the fact that there was ordnance aboard that F sixteen that crashed. It to that warehouse but we've seen video inside that warehouse you see just the tip of the plane. On jutting out from the piles of boxes. Initially there was no fire we are told. But the sprinkler system was apparently hit which is why there's a tremendous amount of water which is probably good thing showed the sprinkler system worked. But it we've learned that the resort it's but. A military colonel the sub commander of that base which is just a mile away. From which that F sixteen. Took off and try to land refused to say whether or not there was ordinance on board. I'm doubt typically. Did this plane belonged to and NORAD mission noble eagle the idea is to protect. The Airways the sky over America specifically the coasts here. Against the nine elevenths style attack. It to do that these planes generally F fifteens but in an F sixteens are equipped with. Munitions like twenty millimeter cannons. Sidewinder missiles to take down either enemy or rogue plates now. They wouldn't say whether or not those munitions were on board this particular plane. Even though they did admit that the EUD was at the site. I'm has been conducting operations basically. Since the plane went down and I asked specifically because you don't know or you can't say. And he said were basically unable to say at this point. Which meant they know but are refusing to say probably for a complex host of bureaucratic reasons one of them. Is. Ownership C. The pilot was from Fresno who flew for the 144. National air guard the plane belonged to the south Dakota national air guard the airfield belong to the 452. Air transport wing of the mission was a NORAD mission. So lots of shifts lots cooks in his kitchen. Apparently nobody able to make a decision right now about what to tell the public about what specifically was in that plane. This is gonna cause a ruckus now we are told. There will be an additional press conference in the coming hours in which will probably be able to tell us more right now pretty can founding experience here. With the military Kimberly all right Matt Hank you so much.

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{"duration":"2:41","description":"The pilot of the aircraft safely ejected before the aircraft crashed, injuring 12 people. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"63106817","title":"New details emerge on F-16 jet that crashed into warehouse","url":"/US/video/details-emerge-16-jet-crashed-warehouse-63106817"}