Diana Nyad's Biggest Challenges: Wind, Swallowing Seawater

The 64-year-old swimmer discusses issues she faced during her 53-hour swim from Cuba to Florida.
5:27 | 09/03/13

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Transcript for Diana Nyad's Biggest Challenges: Wind, Swallowing Seawater
My mind. Two things going on one want to. Its food act after the first ninety minutes of the last movie that Cuba that we came up and it never -- -- now. All sometimes it was a LaSalle the is pretty -- and -- without. Another time commitment. That the act. Murphy's. And even northeast for me. Swimmer and perhaps it wouldn't anytime. You're having to believe that it go. I. I'm happy. And not feeling well. Am what I had to put out -- jelly fish basket night we've -- -- whore. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Blown off towards its address to -- -- he has levels of diplomats. You know I was grateful for and I knew I wasn't -- eastbound at all but this -- operated Angel makes. I've -- back and so I thought a 100%. Don't -- if but every -- -- -- -- Coming back -- and I started swallowing -- thirteen hours of Saturday night. Tremendous volumes this blogger and I started vomiting constantly. As soon as that happened -- -- you can't replace that. The clothing electric lines -- into that place you're not stronger cold and that night was honored. It was -- thirteen hours and. You've got a good part. John Arne Duncan injuries Sunday -- -- was -- to prove myself and my handlers decided it hate it think. Every weekend. -- start making scrambled eggs. Not thinking of this Natalie it was trying to force -- -- -- Like everybody -- never tells me where we are. I and it's it's -- -- for our food I don't want to know. If -- think we're doing great if you think we're halfway across and I have anything until we see the store and -- To be -- working with the holes. On Saturday night. -- I want accent pieces of good news is I think you need to right now I wasn't sure of losing confidence that -- can put -- mask on again. And neither group to organize which and you saw him on the united that things have gotten out. It really -- a landmark. And bonds and -- take -- one. John Hart -- says. -- it is going right we're here. We are traveling. And it is it's a -- that is helping you. -- you know invaluable in the UK can understand where he has. And Angel said she swept all -- Because. The some tough on them being eleven of art a number of other. Actors that I can't ignore -- -- On Sunday night. -- wonderful the glove no need reading out loud but she just stopped for all over me and he said you're gonna go right and I -- -- food. And bonds said to me and -- -- others -- news. You're never gonna -- taxes marathon again actively in the arena on Monday night he said. Not recently. Yeah. Yeah. And -- those crossings -- normal. And again now undergo an adolescent -- Yeah. -- I don't. But finally this quality. Oh yeah I think I don't -- reflect -- yeah. Agency we're never gonna happen every lap and -- -- -- -- but he's. OnStar has come. He's given me it doesn't look around. He's strong and they're not after joking. There is serious they know that I've already heard you talking about alcohol. Yeah. Probably -- anywhere. How cool does nothing is indeed up -- let me say. This is. Get to talk. A little bit and -- Norton Jon Garland told us both he's going into. It's all over how Long -- it out of -- religion. Okay why -- wearing masks. It'd be crazy yeah yeah. And -- as. It's something mr. -- does look over there. There was. If you want like Iraq's. It sounds and it won't suit that's cool and if not for the day is are a lot easier -- -- -- --

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{"id":20144373,"title":"Diana Nyad's Biggest Challenges: Wind, Swallowing Seawater","duration":"5:27","description":"The 64-year-old swimmer discusses issues she faced during her 53-hour swim from Cuba to Florida.","url":"/US/video/diana-nyads-biggest-challenges-wind-swallowing-seawater-20144373","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}