'Divine Intervention' Found Holly Bobo, Sheriff Says

Sheriff Keith Byrd says "God put those guys there" to find the remains of the missing nursing student in Tennessee.
3:19 | 09/09/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 'Divine Intervention' Found Holly Bobo, Sheriff Says
I would like to take credit for doing something extraordinary but I can't. Solve this -- Divine intervention. Though god put those. But those guys third to find the reminds. And now we acted dome. On their findings and and no. Brought everything together but. I didn't do any -- extraordinary -- to bring the strikes to close. I was I just happened they won't vote. -- the participants. Radio the innocence of our community was forever lost when holly was abducted. We're always a community that. Sometimes we kept our doors unlocked and all of that stuff and not all that's changed -- were. Things like this don't happen. Things like this don't happen does what happened to those people somewhere else that -- that you hear about. So while it it was it was kind of an -- for everybody that you know these things can happen. To. Anybody anywhere. And no. It -- suits quite shocked and then hope community -- community banded together to do what they could bring holly back. And now. In the early days of the of the search we had thousands of people turn out to search. And -- for about three months. You know. Nobody -- do any thing I mean it when everything we did was senator -- found in Holland. And no pastime went home. -- that -- this visible but off everybody was still doing whatever they could. So while it's it's forever changed us. All along you know. Loses it with the bonobos and and have dinner with -- We talked on a regular basis so Holly's Fowler -- Worked -- part time job together several years ago so I'm doing quite well and note. I can remember very vividly the -- of -- -- holly. -- her mother worked at the dollar store shopping. And that was probably six months before she was kidnapped. And I remember of that. I remember -- and her mother together. Almost like it was. This morning I mean it's very vivid in and -- But. I was more interested in seeing them get closure than any -- else and -- the the people get justice that that did this horrific thing part of didn't closures. Is being able to have a funeral -- -- -- -- let's let -- be very important videos. And you know right now that's what they're. That's won't finds that they're thinking about you know what I want to but it won't to white collar -- -- And now found in the rest of her minds his. Is our number one priority I mean that's. That's what we intend to do over the next few days his. Two. Scour the area and and and found the rest of.

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{"duration":"3:19","description":"Sheriff Keith Byrd says \"God put those guys there\" to find the remains of the missing nursing student in Tennessee.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"25376007","title":"'Divine Intervention' Found Holly Bobo, Sheriff Says","url":"/US/video/divine-intervention-found-holly-bobo-sheriff-25376007"}