Dog Skinned Alive Survives Brutal Attack

Man finds dog partially skinned, rushes the animal to the emergency veterinary hospital.
1:28 | 09/14/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Dog Skinned Alive Survives Brutal Attack
One look at paddy and it's obvious she can barely move. -- This adorable terrier mix just out of a five hour surgery she's the victim of on imaginable cruelty. Doctors believe she had been partially skinned alive. The suspects. It's hard to see something like. Amanda -- -- of that at the emergency veterinary hospital in Ann Arbor the dog ended up here after Timothy Williams founder on his porch yesterday afternoon. She's been named paddy since she was found across the street from Patton park in southwest Detroit was literally -- from. The solar solar around. With the -- a perfect circle cut. We have pictures of her wounds but they are too graphic to show Williams wrapped paddy up in a towel and held her -- a neighbor called for help she's in shock to shiver and that dog was. -- -- It's believed the dog belonged to someone because she wasn't good help her nails were even painted. But who -- her also remains a mystery it's believed she'd been stabbed to there -- parallel line. Then they were perfectly to market very straight she was definitely in shock when she came men so much. -- comment on a whole lot longer without care. But now -- is doing well despite the horrific pain she's endured her spirit still strong she was just very willing to come forward to us so it was almost like she knew we were gonna help her. I think she's been -- for -- and I think she's a fighter in Ann Arbor and you Prakash seven action news.

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{"id":20257790,"title":"Dog Skinned Alive Survives Brutal Attack","duration":"1:28","description":"Man finds dog partially skinned, rushes the animal to the emergency veterinary hospital.","url":"/US/video/dog-skinned-alive-survives-brutal-attack-20257790","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}