First all-electric gas station in Washington, D.C.

Depeswar Doley explains why he set out to own and operate the nation's first all-electric gas station.
2:59 | 10/01/19

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Transcript for First all-electric gas station in Washington, D.C.
K so here's another first for you a story that we'll have the climate gods smiling the first. All electric refueling station in the nation opened this past weekend yes it's a gas station except. They converted all of its equipment from offering gasoline to electric power it's called. RS automotive minutes in Maryland and I'm joined by the owner now Depeche word goalie. So good to have you good to see I want to ask you how did you decide to go through and make this move it's pretty revolutionary. Pigram good morning thanks to keep it tied up to be alone this decision. Was it get to keep us up so bright student because at all let's. Creating mice big city Detroit electric chart states. But I got the information bombed city up to global art. And the pocketbooks. Due albeit it to be about and putting it into a truck and they didn't. I stuck out like we'll bug figured. & Associates at that she get connected to the people that are installing taught speech and solar neighborhood. And slow daddy went well and I sat down put up with my wife and daughter it. And no aren't mentioned to them that the I got a call from the city. And that they wanted me to open but by station into electric trucks they said and write it that sickened I thought and pretty excited he said there would be good. We do in this audit and audit and it lecture about the environment than that new. Next up environment science rut exits and that it's really good but they didn't region and ego. Home. You know and anti it will facility are said okay and then yeah IQ and Barton. If we elect precludes that didn't called. And besides Don Meehan it would draw and to people who are very easy to look wit and us always receipts and that's always thought about. It's pretty amazing you make it sound so simple but it's it's a really met quite a big deal so this is part of ID carbon nice future can you explain to the people who may not know. How this is really going to help with our climate change crisis. Welcome back on the daily basis you'd immediately newspaper. And TV. Bad you know we all black youth global war they get all the people get into big. It's arguably been the world you know good intentions. Which bigfoot but in the future. You know what sort of the proceeds of both the song be good this is the region. I write what we appreciate you joining us today kudos on the work on the passwords Oly right there in Maryland thank you so months.

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{"duration":"2:59","description":"Depeswar Doley explains why he set out to own and operate the nation's first all-electric gas station.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"65986429","title":"First all-electric gas station in Washington, D.C.","url":"/US/video/electric-gas-station-washington-dc-65986429"}