Is the end of the pandemic on the horizon?

States lift COVID-19 restrictions as weekly cases fall under 50,000 for the first time, but experts warn against complacency.
3:58 | 05/04/21

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Transcript for Is the end of the pandemic on the horizon?
And according to the CDC roughly 56%. Of the US adult population has now received at least one dose of the vaccine. So is a return to normalcy on the horizon doctor look Patel from Stanford children's health. Is here with more doctor Patel thanks so much for being here. The weekly case averaged nationwide fell below 50000 for the first time since October. So what do you make of that is the end of this pandemic in sight. Well grand the end of this is a relative term and I think you were thinking locally has in the United States. This is great news and it is time to really but I think about reopening amber warning everyone for what we've done for the past year and a half but we still a lot of work to do. Not only when it comes to vaccinations have making sure that we can mitigate whatever may happen has your reopen. And the one thing that ever needs to really understand is that if the pandemic is control the United States. It necessarily mean it is globally is we're seeing outbreaks in Brazil Turkey and India and honestly infections are just like no way so we stay on top of that. Now Pfizer's vaccine is on track for emergency use authorization for children ages twelve to fifteen. Really any day now so what kind of impact. Do you think that would have Imus you know. Attempt to return to normalcy. All lot of people are excited about this and then on the other hand there's another group of people who write clear single twelve or fifteen years old during low risk. What's the big deal though what she believes really understand is that children may getting large proportion of the population United States but also to meet potential large factor for infections. So we're not only looking at protecting those children east all the fifteen and getting them ready to go back to school backs are normal lives. We're also essentially protecting everyone around those kids that other children grandparents parents or anyone else who may not be able to get her vaccine so this is an important step forward and getting asked you. Close to her immunity as possible and what's timeline for younger kids to get vaccinated. Only yield the floor below the age of forming a we have trials coming out from a Daryn Anheuser looking to see that we might these preliminary data by the end of this year about women being gone anything being operated until a little bit later in point one wind if not early twenties choose a right now we're really have to focus on those younger adolescents is right next fall to fifteen age range. Now that said the American academy of pediatrics is reporting that children are now account for 22%. Of new US Kobe case is why is that. Well and that's exactly what I was kind of hinting at earlier is that even though children themselves. Represented a lower risk group in terms of possible additions or severe illness even though they can't get sick. Children are right now there are protected there aren't vaccinated so as we re opening in cases are still out their children can possibly make it a large proportion of who's actually getting infected but also who can continue to spread the virus and we sakes can't he's important is happening in Michigan and that's exactly what we're trying to prevent right now. That a US travel ban from India takes effect today is the official Kobe case count bare tops twenty million so. What do Indiana and world leaders need to do right now to help get that surge there under control. Well vase is completely heartbreaking situations and that's it looked to see what's happening in India told cops helped her situation I think the biggest thing people need to do globally is not just look at the headlines are at a news stories is they are my gosh that's sad and then move on. You know media represents 88 K so what can possibly happen if there is under protection from vaccines if there's a the reopening to sell and and it. You know countries are prepared for so as far as looking at Indians in what can we joining global skill to help by donating TP. Oxygen tanks of the average has ordered Arab citizens and do we also need to use India as. An example of what we need to beat her hair or because that can happen anywhere especially when we're not vaccine out when there's still buried out there in her room and wind are reopening to seven. And I doctor look Patel of Stanford children's cell design great to have you doctor thank you. Stadium.

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{"duration":"3:58","description":"States lift COVID-19 restrictions as weekly cases fall under 50,000 for the first time, but experts warn against complacency.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"77487223","title":"Is the end of the pandemic on the horizon?","url":"/US/video/end-pandemic-horizon-77487223"}