Erin Brockovich says her background gave her thick skin and determination: Part 2

Brockovich faced many challenges in life that shaped her into who she is today. She became a celebrity after actress Julia Roberts played her in a 2000 movie inspired by her life.
8:25 | 06/11/21

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Transcript for Erin Brockovich says her background gave her thick skin and determination: Part 2
I. My old stomping grounds Hinckley California. Backside at Pacific gas and electric. The devastation the destruction that has been caucus. She always put safety. And people first do it right on the up front. Don't kick the can down the line. People have died. It's me wrapped up. This now. So Aaron Brockovich earned her reputation as a maverick at an early age and it wasn't by choice. She was the youngest of four children growing up in the town of Lawrence Kansas and she struggled with a learning disability. So for air and nothing ever came. I learning disability dyslexia and often times is seen as different stuff and idea first raised my hand in class and I knew it when it big became written. I would turn things are grounds and I would say how long. As always told I could be nothing. Because I didn't learn and that standard of like conform package I'm so glad. That I didn't listen to all those naysayers. My mom would always tell me just gonna have to find that stick to business Aaron and just roll my eyes at her. And you know sheets gave me a dictionary and just couldn't believe the words for the paper. Up propensity to follow turn a determined manner dogged persistence for an obligation and stubborn ass. I get staffers my middle name. I can tell 100 I am persistent and even to this day I hear her. So Eric registered dead for instilling this crucial life lesson did it early age she was this unshakable sense of right and wrong. That would sort of become the true nor is there for moral compass. When I was high school. I got in trouble. For telling a lie. With my dad. I had decided to skip school. Lied about it I just got busted an end so he grounded me for an entire school semester. It was awful she wrote a letter. In 1977. It. Use your Brothers and sister and I must learn to honestly and freely communicate with each other and if we can't and we have torn the finest fibers have our relationship. Which is the greatest gift to a half on this earth. And we want you to develop into an admired honesty respected woman. And the minute I stepped foot in Hinckley. It all came back. That's where I come from. Walesa college I ended up graduating school and came out to California. Working at Kmart that I went on to some beauty pageants as miss Pacific coast and I ended up getting married and having my children. Been married and divorced and kids and married in divorce and marriage and divorce. Irene. Cans. So the car crash a file clerk at a loft for the desert town with contaminated water. And then a multi million dollar legal settlement all of disparate events true events that would culminate in the theater of. My name's Pamela DuPont hand that I'm trained as a chiropractor and Erin had and and a cart then she had surgery. Of that car accident led parents of Pamela do bonds' table. Well Aaron would command which is like high heels and she tells me these stories and can't obtain parent would do all this work and ask me questions. Your shoes your body you know he's still as her body or. What's the ice chests in the back to your car ran bunched at Bronx. New fish she took these stories are trying to handle being single mom and help these people. That had been boyfriend. In this small town in California. And I teller about you know we're bird and Hinckley and what was going on cameras even think that this isn't. We heard. Parent you know why I hear stories like me at creek movie. So what Erin didn't know was that her chiropractor also meditation. Who happen to be a movie producer and her name was Carla she amber. Carla said that Aaron was. Lake. If Barbie. And Wonder Woman where one person. She likes to challenge people. With her big bond had a hair and her low cut bus DA is and she's almost saying to them I dare you to underestimate me. Rocky in the mini skirt. So was just that mix of smarts and sexuality that became errant straight bar so the new rewrites happen. At Mazur it would joke with me all that. I'm he'd always hate kids they really make this movie. Do you think should play you can like silly fun like Goldie Hahn. And he said I don't care who plays a part as long as it's not Julia Roberts her mouth does not bow on her her her boobs are not bitter at this just. So before you come back here within their lane asked offer. I want you to think real hard about what your spine is worth mr. walker both by the way we had that water power and special for you folks. Came from well in Hinckley. So Brockovich ever doubted that anything can happen in Hollywood it was put to rest when mega star Julia Roberts was cast to play Aaron in a movie directed by that motion picture prodigy of the era. Steven Soderbergh. Sosa didn't come asking you to cameo which I didn't want to be on camera. I'm not an actress. And he's said to be factored in it. So the day air and major Hollywood debut was captured him behind the scenes footage that was featured on the movies dvds. Because fun for Aron and surreal for Aaron to be on set I remember talking about how hot it was to be watching. Her family. From another vantage point in a moment in time. OK I have to teach that collapsed with the scope. Julie is playing Aron but I'm Aaron playing the waitress my name tag was Julia. You can. I'm like you don't do this too dyslexic to experts the hiring is dealt this. I had. Didn't you see the scene at Mazur and their allied Mazur is two behind us. It was pretty accurate you know what happened to the people and easily happened. The relationship that had with that happens. From ages eight you can just won't and then. And and grenade. Google groups and the jewel of her trade hall was me being that single mom and going through those divorces and they haven't. And so they didn't take. A whole lot of you know creative license. So the premier was exciting. It was having me biggest movie star in the world and Julia Roberts in this film I think it Aron. Never in a million years thought that title of the film would be her name I was shaking so bad when he's not. Good kid from Kansas is Julia Roberts is if some movie how is this happening. The movie was released in 2000 rave reviews and that means they're Brockovich is now with celebrity. But it's not exactly a Hollywood ending for the Wilmington fifty California. They made it look like a week long.

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{"duration":"8:25","description":"Brockovich faced many challenges in life that shaped her into who she is today. She became a celebrity after actress Julia Roberts played her in a 2000 movie inspired by her life.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"78215232","title":"Erin Brockovich says her background gave her thick skin and determination: Part 2","url":"/US/video/erin-brockovich-background-gave-thick-skin-determination-part-78215232"}