FAA grilled on Capitol Hill over Boeing jets

FAA administrator Stephen Dickson testified that Boeing 737 Max jets won't be certified to fly again by the end of the year.
3:03 | 12/11/19

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Transcript for FAA grilled on Capitol Hill over Boeing jets
A new scrutiny for airplane maker Boeing into the 737 Max plane which of course has been grounded after two deadly crashes. And for the FAA which inspects all the airplanes that we fly the head of the FAA was in the hot seat today before the house transportation committee you see him there. And our senior our chief transportation correspondent David Curley C the current stated a stunning revelation today in this. Hearing. After the first Macs crash last year the FAA said they had enough evidence. To be concerned that future crashes would happen as many as fifteen I think they said. This is a safety assessment that FAA does after an accident like this and they're trying to figure out. If we don't do any thing what's gonna happen how fast is it going to happen. And yes they came up during the entire time of the fleet which is about 45 years. There could be fifteen more fatal accidents if that M caste system which is a system the nose down the aircraft. And we believe led to these two crashes was not fixed with the FAA said and Boeing said in the same thing in a statement was. Listen this assessment just tells you that. How fast you need ago we were already making changes and MCAS the FAA put out an air worthiness director did to tell all the airlines that this was coming. So therefore we were within the requirements are we can continue to fly the aircraft but to hear. Fifteen potential fatal crashes in the life of the fleet. And that was after the first crash the lion air course and of course a second crash did in fact happened just five months later and Ethiopia and the families today. We heard from some of them want to play now. One of these survivors in the family that lost many members in that second crash they said the FAA didn't do enough. Analysts I close my eyes nose might seek treatment I lost my mom and only got in the catastrophe you and haven't quite TT season. You know punting on the issue of what they did not Steve and out. They can lane. Blowing all they want but at the end of the baby that's going to self regulating itself and that some the united I've talked about the in my testimony in tonight's meeting to talk. Now McCain he's 77 months flag without impacts. I think that's a question that has never been nonsense here we warn about this announcement that cuts I love alone going to sell side you find out when things. Blindly separated themselves. That he's a cuts are not hostages. So he wants answers Boeing still working on fixes for the plan where does that stand as a sing because there are two different systems here the MCAS software fix was actually. Done back in the summertime and then some FAA test pilots found another issue. Boeing actually decided to rewrite the software for the two flight computers. Which haven't talked to each other in the past but now they will so they've been working on that that's just about being resolved at the FAA administer made news before the hearing today. He basically said if you do the math Boeing still thinks he get reach for recertification by the end this year. He says no it's gonna be January before three certified then it will be weeks if not a couple of months before the airlines actually start flight such a long process David Troy thanks much for being here for that.

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{"duration":"3:03","description":"FAA administrator Stephen Dickson testified that Boeing 737 Max jets won't be certified to fly again by the end of the year.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"67667238","title":"FAA grilled on Capitol Hill over Boeing jets","url":"/US/video/faa-grilled-capitol-hill-boeing-jets-67667238"}