Federal jail in Brooklyn still without power

Roughly 1,200 inmates at the detention center have been without heat and electricity for one week.
2:25 | 02/03/19

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Transcript for Federal jail in Brooklyn still without power
There has been limited electricity heat and hot water at the Metropolitan Detention Center since last Sunday. And the problem is expected to last at least two more days the situation there sparked national outrage Eyewitness News reporter Stephon Kim is in sunset park. Center Joseph detention center official city is coming but demonstrators outside a fired up his by the time they get it back a little bit more than a week. That's the sound of burning anger outside the Metropolitan Detention Center in Brooklyn. That's the sound of frustration coming from inside 12100 inmates in the bullpen door for six day. Pounding on windows and weaving night lights the message was clear it is spelled out on the walls this. It's not okay. These are people inside. And they deserve heats it is they threw him rightly deserve electricity they deserve their medication. It started with a small electrical fire last Sunday causing a partial outage the Federal Bureau of Prisons says inmates have hot water for showers and says medical services. Continue to be provided. Mabel the buzzards meeting tonight the city is sending trucks with hundreds of blankets and hand warmer as. The supplies are coming whether they like it or not moments later state senator Joseph this Salazar tweeting the ward and refusing those blankets but eventually. The band has broad margin is a bank gets. Big Brother knows the mayor Walt loses. And I contract. This boy here earlier today. Trying they did the work done to restore the power. Are either incompetent. Are insensitive. Or incapable. Of completing the work. Congress member akin Jeffries after touring the facility says. It's missing parts that stills has been the problem meanwhile he says the heat situation has gotten better because of mother nature. Some of the correction officers they made it clear to me dead it was unbearably cold during that. 48 hour period. When it was freaking out. The late tonight demonstrators directing their theory at those question officers. Mr. Sam is when the parts necessary to fix the annual arrive. New US congressional delegation says that is unacceptable. And they will put pressure on Washington to treat this like the emergency they say it is in sunset park south on Kim tells sudden Eyewitness News.

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{"duration":"2:25","description":"Roughly 1,200 inmates at the detention center have been without heat and electricity for one week.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"60815966","title":"Federal jail in Brooklyn still without power","url":"/US/video/federal-jail-brooklyn-power-60815966"}