Federal workers feel shutdown's impact

On day 33 of the longest-ever federal shutdown, people who live in federally subsidized housing fear they could end up on the street.
2:17 | 01/23/19

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Transcript for Federal workers feel shutdown's impact
This partial government shutdown really having an effect on federal workers across the country. ABC's Steve Olson Sami gives us that perspective from Atlanta. Have anywhere at the Martin Luther King national historic park in downtown Atlanta you see the Ebenezer Baptist Church behind me. All of this is going to be closed on the king holiday because of the government shut down but a grant from Delta Airlines saved the day keeping this place open keeping the workers open. But the money only lasts until February 3 then the park is closed again across the country we are hearing. All kinds of stories related to this shut down. And not just from government employees in Montgomery County Maryland. We met a group of people who tell us that because they're housing is federally subsidized. That they worry that they'll be out on the streets soon the last government subsidy came in December rent is due February 1 so. A number of families who are. Getting government subsidies who are concerned that those subsidies are coming to an end. The Coast Guard the top brass at the Coast Guard is now saying that it's wrong. That service members are having to rely on food pantries for their groceries that's happening of course. There are lots of donations pouring into Coast Guard centers across the country forward for these families TSA workers the USDA. The EPA people at the IRS. All are going without paychecks son who are being required. To come into work anyway and then of course there's lots of concern about the TSA. Here in Atlanta there is so big concern because the Super Bowl is coming here very soon. And one of the big concerns is at the airport will there be enough TSA workers to man the security points. Will will there be enough security. Not only at the airport but also at the sites downtown. We'll have to wait and see if if there are any problems because of that but. Of course everyone is asking for an end to the shut down but there doesn't appear to be. Any end in sight some workers we talked with tell us stories about reaching out to their utility companies. Asking for break. In some cases they get them but in most they tell us the answer is the bill is still do. Stephanie.

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{"duration":"2:17","description":"On day 33 of the longest-ever federal shutdown, people who live in federally subsidized housing fear they could end up on the street. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"60571762","title":"Federal workers feel shutdown's impact ","url":"/US/video/federal-workers-feel-shutdowns-impact-60571762"}