Fight for a family put on painful pause

ABC News' Erielle Reshef reports on the agonizing struggle for so many Americans whose doctors have put their fertility treatments on hold.
4:37 | 04/25/20

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Transcript for Fight for a family put on painful pause
What whole story beyond the headlines and its co lead crisis. Across a country women undergoing fertility treatments have been forced to put their dreams on hold his hospitals and physicians scaled back on non emergency procedures a harsh setback for so many additional party in an already emotional journey. ABC's aerial Russia reports. And I'm going into something that are really good chance that we're gonna cans and the heartbreaking burden of the covic nineteen crisis stretches far beyond fighting the virus itself. It's based. Halts U. We started it or street ears for terror angle Bergen her husband Glenn of Colorado. They're grueling struggle with infertility has come to a temporary crossroads. The fertility treatments for us this early. Only leaving her child. Can we order. So they are treatment when. A nineteen. Hit a stop on our air. They dangers of the pandemic prompting hundreds of doctors nationwide to scale back fertility treatment. Out of concern for the safety of their patients and staff. And here and amid a lot higher treatment. That it happened squeezed. And that's it this angst here he acquisition or you know. Everyone is to stop. Heart is. Port. Terra has been candidly documenting her story on in Stu grant to connect with others shooting this video just after that visit to the doctor. And I am perfectly. Like oh yeah. Because what's what's the most. A painful pause to a journey already fraught with anxiety and anguish that's us unknown territory and very scary times. Very scary emotional. I Coastr. Infertility affects more than 10% of Americans between the ages of eighteen and 44. Doctor Clint Chapman of Weill Cornell medicine in New York is among the fertility specialist who dramatically reduce procedures that decision not taken lightly. Yes he's already know all we saw in her she's going X and Ashley. We saw there was no sure this disease there was good news this is these are good tradeoff there I don't. Being socially responsible. And had a hard you refer. Was the right engine. For doctor sadness patient Katherine Mendez and it's another challenge is she tries to start a family on her own and the age of 42. It once you once you make that decision you start that ball rolling name any additional. Columns I. Really care is huge for a loop how different. This conversation with patients who are already going through such an emotional journey. Zurich at. I'm. It ruined it with high sensitivity achilles' eight in the busy day and this is an easy. This is all kinds of incidents where Malone's eight years making a difference and should they horrible or individual. He all. Physicians forced to balance that urgency in the midst of so many unknowns. Data is extremely limited on how coping nineteen affects women they're trying to get pregnant. Somebody got sick. And stimulation and knew her personally or are being up. No it does. We didn't think it was in the best. You can he now without arms. Is not easy easy yeah. But despite the un four seen delay Catherine is staying upbeat. I think I'm staying positive. I'm looking forward to starting back up again there are reasons that your global rules on the. That's once. Since the all England and yet believable that more housing we're still a relatively young everything that's certain and it's meant we noted that features bright you know it's always now running. Is there anything else you would see each other women going through this rate now. Let's say it you're not alone. Gary L rash chef ABC news in the New York. And we certainly remain hopeful on their behalf and our thanks to area.

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{"duration":"4:37","description":"ABC News' Erielle Reshef reports on the agonizing struggle for so many Americans whose doctors have put their fertility treatments on hold.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"70342379","title":"Fight for a family put on painful pause","url":"/US/video/fight-family-put-painful-pause-70342379"}