Florida braces for Hurricane Michael ahead of landfall

Evacuations ordered as state of emergency is declared in Florida ahead of Hurricane Michael's landfall.
6:52 | 10/09/18

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Transcript for Florida braces for Hurricane Michael ahead of landfall
Rob Marciano. Is in Panama City where the storm is expected to make landfall right now as a category three hurricane rob what does it look like where you are now. Spear leads in the sun is out get a gentle breeze the only indication Eddie. A stormy becoming is that these ways my goodness they are certainly taken up this up part of the Gulf of Mexico typically the ways aren't. Our big at all and this looks like something out of the Pacific or or rough Atlantic beautiful. White sand beaches here crushed quartz like nothing else you've seen where nobody and I able to enjoy it the beaches are closed double red red flags are flying now. For the beach is that it closed to swimmers. And if you wanna run that up to her game Mike Modano have those officially this hotel. I'm workers' unions got to see them that they've got their Dolly's out they're taking not just any female fly away in the way of lawn pool furniture. Or maybe even stripping down this. This is evil here they're taking pots that are hundreds of pounds in weight and Wheeling them away because that's how strong. These winds are going to be they're going to be able Whipple around just about anything ACF that pot right now I would over there and to try to nudge it. It's tough about. That when Baghdad violence front guy has them available via the we'll get done this building by the way. Is two year or less than two years old. And is built to code that that could survive this hurricane and its stuff just high enough. To where it should be able to resist these storm surge which could be as high as ten feet here but not everywhere along Panama City Beach is dad's day. Fortunate and there are some low spots are going to be washed out we've got Bay Area on the other side that as a potential for seeing storm surge. And they have not one not two but three evacuation zones here they don't do that very often which means areas well inland. Are are evacuating today in anticipation of this one gas lines have been long gas is running out. Some people having a hard time getting gas just to evacuate doctor a couple of people that don't have the means to you to evacuate their. They're hunkering down in some areas here so. At that situation it's it being taken very seriously it's been an unusually warm. September and October on maps tell you that Diane has been that way pretty much the eastern two thirds of the country that has kept the Gulf of Mexico very warm so there is a lot of fuel. For hurricane Michelman take on and we have seen it strengthen against the odds of sheer and so category three is the forecast but. Category four certainly not a question that is those are frightening thoughts here for the folks who have entered so many her keys in the past the last summit had a Cadbury. Was Dennis back in 2005. And that that some series damage nearly three of over three billion dollars worth of damage to tourism industry as you can imagine is huge here. Billion dollar industry that has had a shot down this week. Because of this storm and a lot of kids in the south have what's called a fall week off so families have had to get up and get out here it's 6 AM today. Q heed the evacuation warnings not to give me time they're hoping to get away with Ari would let him blame hurricane season into a tropical storm Albert of the came through in June. May lamp all just. Just about ten miles in that direction that came in with a whimper Saadat Hayward were cool its October of rat and it will now here we go October these storms can flare quickly. They do a close to shore. And they can accelerate quickly which is what Michael is doing so there has not been a whole lot of time to prepare. But I can tell you this Diane that people are have taken the warning seriously they know they're hurricanes around here. And the most of them at least are preparing in and trying to get out quickly. Laura sometimes you don't areas where they know their hurricanes because they're so experienced they feel like they're equipped to. Sort of tough it out what are are authorities saying to try to get record residents to either take the preparations seriously or just get out. Well they're they're they're not gonna go to around knocking on doors and dragging people out of their homes they have said that if you are gonna. Hunker down as they like this today you've you are on your own during the height of the storm they're not as an emergency crews out here and risk their safety. And then you're you're expected to have enough supplies. To keep yourself in your. Your the better ones alive her for a good couple of three days afterward so it's on every man for himself and in that regard when it when it comes to. When it comes these evacuations they got oil rigs that are out there are huge businesses well. Oil rigs have been evacuated shut down in some cases they take evasive maneuvers. And couple air force base that are close by they taken mayor. Planes out of here as a precaution so. It's been a mad rush to pass 36 hours and deceit to see what beats of folks there. Trying to run fun and it's it's not a bad idea to you to get out of the way Michael it's going to be Beasley gets here. No certainly doesn't seem that way we also I governor Rick Scott on GMA this morning an -- you talk a little about how serious the storm n.'s rob. I shall play that clip really quick. Twelve the potential twelve feet a storm surge in some areas. Is just deadly mean just think about if you just into us we see those pictures as tsunamis come in that's just what two or three feet nets a deadly. We're gonna see it all along the panhandle we haven't seen in like this the panhandle in decades. I think about the families like minded and having money grown up and they're saying oh gosh can I afford this tonight. Yet out if you've been told to evacuate to not take a chance. So Rodney Stuckey about the exact area where you are right now. The fourth and analysts is vulnerable to storms there's no doubt about that of the symmetry. Or basically the bottom of the Gulf of Mexico in this area is very shallow so. It's very easy for the water to pile up when you have winds of a hundred plus miles an hour pushing that water. And that's why this part of the Gulf of Mexico is so susceptible to storm surge we've seen it. Storms throughout history including Katrina which it you know closer towards Gulfport we had a huge storms are over here so that's what he's worried about we're hoping. That most of the worst storm surge will be around a big bend area which is just to be east of us east of Apalachicola. That's very swampy areas less populated that's where a lot of the big surge will be in those lost we will let. With all that but look so many more people have moved the coastline in the last twenty years and they're just many more people and structures in harm's way. To the surge that a comment so while coming quite as fast as a tsunami but it will come in with some force and with some hiding in some cases up to twelve feet so. You know we like to say you cannot you can hide from the wind but he had a run from the waters of folks who are in low lying areas. Need to get to higher ground and then protect yourself from the win because we'll see hurricane force winds likely over a hundred miles an hour well inland. As this thing moves quickly. After landfall tomorrow afternoon. And I can device rob Marciano there from Panama City, Florida rob thank you.

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{"duration":"6:52","description":"Evacuations ordered as state of emergency is declared in Florida ahead of Hurricane Michael's landfall.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"58386414","title":"Florida braces for Hurricane Michael ahead of landfall","url":"/US/video/florida-braces-hurricane-michael-ahead-landfall-58386414"}