Florida Congresswoman Maria Elvira Salazar on immigration

House Republicans are proposing new immigration plans ahead of the vote on two immigration bills.
8:04 | 03/17/21

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Transcript for Florida Congresswoman Maria Elvira Salazar on immigration
Gonna take a deeper dive into the debate over immigration and the border to debate that's heating up fast. Asked who were joined by Republican congresswoman and Maria Elvira Salazar a Florida congressman sounds are thanks for joining us. Amy so you're part of the delegation of house Republicans who wed to the southern border this we tell me about what you saw what trouble you. Well thousands and thousands of Central American children are being change and does. Very. Clean and very nice facility is nonetheless god knows what those children went through minorities and the United States Mexican border. I'm very concerned about the traffickers in the oldies and all hope. I didn't fingers are selling to these are pulling and you can come to America. You Israel and that is we need all not only Republicans or. Or demo everybody. Americans need to come turned and all the wrong. Well let's Carmen and I do you think the Biden administration should be leading on this should go back to the trump policy dismantling the asylum process church to zero tolerance policy of family separation that led to push so many children still separated from their families. You know I think we should do is we should sit at a table and the Democrats Republicans independents. Across the island all over the and put an end to the integration Greek problem integration problems. As you know president Biden has promised. This immigration bill what are. Makes me a little bit come out is that we are. Didn't Democrats are promised change and I'm also illusions you mind can be. I believe that it's time for both parties since it is it. Come together and explain in which went into my. And it community which way we can get some dignity to those people Shearer and leads in the shadows or. Wind. And twenty years and to those trying to come in but they're trying to come in breaking the law. In neither neither I'd. Sure enough thank you very resilient little less talk about about what's happening tomorrow has represented going to be voting on two measures tomorrow one of them offering up. After citizenship for the dreamers those were brought to our country as children bush the other establishing a path to legal status to more for more than one million strong workers so both of these measures. It's an incremental step by step process that they got bipartisan support in the last congress. You suggest they won't be as well supported this time around will you be voting for either of those bills tomorrow. I have two concerns you're taking care of the kids you're taking care of agricultural workers. With those old ornamental. Millions of people that are not coach gore and their parents. Don't be so they are not picking up and you peppers on. Hand to give some legality dignity to those evil or in the middle. And prince is when you Tanya I think the parent. Because when you talk and you don't talk about the parent and you are putting those parents in a position. You have a your child at the same time I am worried it. I'm talking about eleven million people always true and all that should not here this is a model problems this day. An of the same kind independent democratic and just getting you. And in the Democratic Party promised in 2000 and hiding under president. Obama that he was going to in his 180. Immigration reform law and he didn't do it any. And now we see that president Biden is. Promise in the saint. And that's when I come in and I say stop giving all hopes to my community. It's come to the table and let's dignity. To those eleven million people including. Including ads and their parents and everybody I committed a crime. Here for more than I Europe's. And I'm. And who is working and helping our. Easy and that's when he took and Shanxi asylum. Which is being an option profited prominent Dina Beatles and yelled this is an. Issue. That's why it's very easy promise and an end. And it sounds like it like you are offering up a real alternative plan should does include protection or for dreamers among that Dan and thank you for land that forced. But dias she. Ring and he doesn't bring dignity. And the article. Among brings you bring people are the shadow. The ones and TP so the body that was in your mourn and years and does not how criminal. Write to. You get them dignity and continue racing to marry and shoulder and congenial working anti. Many I want to become Americans after years and do so because you know what is going Justin fascinating about what I am. English is what the Hispanic community want. You know that those people who are initially I was like they want and we found that sore and he always. You are not. And you know how do we need to give says well maybe we'll comment that you were now. We need to give them dignity and right now we need to solve the home of the border you know what's happening. The urgent. It is not CB important once again we have eight. Is a reporter. In the end is taking away from the we didn't need a million people tear and innings his. Right. Eight. I do it is complicated it does seem how retarded by the Democrats Republican Party has has radicalized on the issue street senator Lindsey Graham for example she has meant a relatives worked on bipartisan immigration causes in the past and post trump did radicalize the issue for the Republicans well let's listen to something senator Graham said today. Biden has lost control of the US Mexican border. Until they regains control by implementing policies that work this Gundy very hard to do the dreamers are any body else fly. Because after that things named if you add to the list of inducements. Legalizing anybody under these circumstances. We'll lead to even more illegal immigration. Please. Sing I I I I saw you nodding there he's users and congress can't report on anything on immigration right now. You should stop the madness and that's substantial majority of Americans want to do something for darker received consents dreamers. And let you go you go Tibetans are. We're already. Yes. Is going to. What are they deserve because those were you let's move on what happens with the Arabs what happens when that he BS what happens with those people are not there are not parents and it. Happens without mezzanine and not just. I repeat here illegally broke the law system allowed them just. Those are the people that didn't get rid of the Democratic Party has an. And telling them and giving them all illusions. As an anomaly as he explained he. And that's not not he would not to anymore illusions are not to a wind our community any longer. It went to Republicans and seen which way we engine dignity to those. People are. Part. Of eleven million people including. Because every unions. Leading. You all sound looked like the dollar and ninety aren't here and they want to help the American. Turnout let's held by Democrats and Republicans come to the table in good faith for I know that you will be there congresswoman Maria solace our thanks very much. I.

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{"duration":"8:04","description":"House Republicans are proposing new immigration plans ahead of the vote on two immigration bills.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"76518993","title":"Florida Congresswoman Maria Elvira Salazar on immigration","url":"/US/video/florida-congresswoman-maria-elvira-salazar-immigration-76518993"}