Florida sheriff suspended over Parkland massacre

The sheriff has come under withering criticism for his handling of the massacre.
2:03 | 01/11/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Florida sheriff suspended over Parkland massacre
I wholeheartedly. Reject the statements in the governor's executive order. As lacking both legal merit. And it valid factual basis. There was no wrongdoing. On my part. I served the county honorably. I intend to vigorously. Fight this unjustified suspension. Or in court and before the Florida senate. Sadly. This suspension. Is not about what occurred on February 14. The governor promised as a candidate. Well before he had any facts of the investigation. Well before the commission to even begin their war. That he would remove me from office. Today. He merely fulfilled a campaign promise. This was about politics. Not about poor play. Neither the governor nor any member of his staff. As ever spoken to me about this tragedy. And now. The National Rifle Association. Controls the governor's actions. And then now trying to control floor enforcement in Broward County no wall was suspended after the polls shooting. Knoll was suspended after the 2013 mass shooting at an apartment complex in Miami Dade County. Know what was suspended in 2070. After the mass shooting at an Orlando factory. The difference. I spoke out about gun violence. I will continue for the rest of my days on earth. To speak out about gun violence. Families and victims deserve that. What's under this let's understand the suspension for what really is. A massive. Political power grab by the governor. To subvert the will of the Broward County voters.

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{"duration":"2:03","description":"The sheriff has come under withering criticism for his handling of the massacre.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"60322756","title":"Florida sheriff suspended over Parkland massacre","url":"/US/video/florida-sheriff-suspended-parkland-massacre-60322756"}