New Food Trend Alert! Eggloo Ice Cream

NYC's newest dessert spot, Eggloo is straight from Hong Kong and already drawing crowds.
6:06 | 03/10/16

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Transcript for New Food Trend Alert! Eggloo Ice Cream
You are pat eight. This is one of the hot inside her ample desserts here in new York university and its huge trend all over. A New York City other people wanting food that's not just delicious but that they also that I share with friends and family. Media. Not all of them and them and didn't and blew open ended just a month ago and is and waffle Sunday for the name I asked and the owner early Eric and live them play on the egg wobbles which. Style trees anything so that's in the name of crown. And they are quite beautiful we have a couple of getting made right now we're gonna talk to the owner as well and in. Oh yeah they are now. Things coming out let me but early entry is likely defeat look at some of these other gonna get they're gonna get there. And if they topped that while we wait for that money. My hand he led one of these homeowners and live and you actually grew up in the neighborhood. We're here in Chinatown in New York City and you have an interesting experience to what inspired these streets can you tell us about that. I'm yet to see growth in China and Iceland and time and actually all must be thousands believe in his speeds then he's they involves. Com news it was three days he would happily believe no human lines down block. So I didn't hear my mom would always leave fans. Who line up on. Just tell they didn't like. And so now you take in those three. And put us in on them are really in program friendly then. What you open about a month ago let. This summer fun. They think. News it was a lot busier than we expected. Their tentacles that we obviously view organize themselves if Clinton and. We certainly. And so most people are finding that off. Our our people our people coming here yeah we've had a great response the numbers of media mostly he's in Saddam's neck. Passion. And so we have a couple of them ready to show you. If you don't mind. Night telling us a little bit about what goes into isn't it and the cameras keeping them. Yeah yeah. Long once I got the green sea wall only other topical. Vanilla Ice. This is all. His son. Doesn't out of the long connected crap here yeah. And then he kind of did not feel it during this next animal and turning them into and local. So why are excellent or something different. Friends. It's. Popular. We'll. Finally creates evil. It's. Like Canada and then when he what is and ideas. And neither of music here it's some groups it. Some healthy item as well let's look a little bit about all the toppings on that even. Well listen we six zero little village cookies and cream hands. Now feeling there. The number one filmmaker Paul Williams days. Yeah. Let me talk to someone who ordered one of these for the first time. Weekend. Didn't you what did it. Let that it went out we hear from him. Days. And he needs ambulance got here and unless that this is that the original the often times strawberries hockey's Dave. Pretty terrible hands. OK so how did you first hear about. The trees in the hand yeah. And coming here and if you disagree and they don't know. And she is sick ever again herself right now it's all coming full certainly my in the street honesty you're out and then you turn around Jenin and to Graham there's nothing left looking at. How did you decide between Ireland. The page yeah yeah. And a designers remove them. So it's definitely a beautiful in its degree in mobile treat here on the headline and they're actually. They started making a couple of months each one as well that you behind me there are Avery a couple of savory options. We'll keep they eat sausage it's so. The many expanding years beyond just the it's. The end of the agency's. L delicious katic. Yeah the most popular. About him I can understand why but. What makes an anchor a Hong Kong fell and waffle differently. Academy out so. Let me ain't Hong Kong style and lawful it makes it different from yours standards long home front as well. All the difference is basically. Story is these female off funding cuts. Like what really would take place he's broken Hank in this kind of against walls that you can learn more at any kind of model and then. To fetuses like these pulse in the law holds that young sometimes but like Billings incidentally it speaks no interest in. So authentic taking ticket Hongkong influence and also let a New York street dude and good if you've been to New Yorkers live in New York the united. Those carts around Chinatown red with people that they're selling in these little lump well.

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{"duration":"6:06","description":"NYC's newest dessert spot, Eggloo is straight from Hong Kong and already drawing crowds. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"37558523","title":"New Food Trend Alert! Eggloo Ice Cream ","url":"/US/video/food-trend-alert-eggloo-ice-cream-37558523"}