Future Phenom: What's next in women’s golf?

ABC News’ Alex Presha meets with Amari Avery, the 16-year-old California teenager ready to take the golf world by storm.
2:58 | 08/12/20

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Transcript for Future Phenom: What's next in women’s golf?
We met a more you for years she was getting her plea list together some beyonce and Megan the stallion. She's got a quiet voice warm smile but there's nothing shy about her on the golf course. She pleased to win and she wins a locked car and at sixteen the Riverside California teen is already the most decorated African American amateur golfer of all time. It goes in your mind whenever you hear that whenever you see your people talking about you in dat man. Think he crowd so failing to I mean that I can own up to that. She just finished competing at the US women's amateur championship. Pro golfer Vijay Singh says she has a perfect swing. That's the shared their restored. A Marty started playing when she was three introduce of the game by her dad who voted similarities between her and golfing great Tiger Woods. Good to have a similar family dynamic they get their first hole when one at the same spot the even Shearer birthday. Our Mori's dead nicknamed her tigris. You like the tighter comparisons or obtained a very different people but it's nice being comparison. To that guy. The last to kill lord rests his holds us Tammy. At times there's a lot of pressure should. By age eight she was featured in the documentary about her rising career in the short game which shows some of that intensity. A young Omar her father essar catty cursing and complaining about her performance. You're here dad took a considerable amount of heat after that documentary. But it. If any he talked to him he's he's grown more than anybody out of the entire document Erie. If I mean we are close then lower even closer now. This tournament her father was very clear and supportive from a distance as a Mari sister Kathy. Mari and her family have an important decision coming guy does she turn pro or compete at the college level white tiger did. They believe she's in a place to do something great for the sport. Being one of them very few African Americans out there. Doing something in the spore is just. Being being great. Inspiration she finds in tennis legend Althea Gibson. Who in 1963. Was also the first black call for in the LPGA. She really defy all. Audit your dad had this quote very says I'm super proud of my daughter. But I can't let her know that and so we kid where we need to go. T know these super private Villa hills I do he. He tries to hide his emotions towards it in that sense he. But I know I know that he's very proud he's the person that's always the most proud of me. She reads that as clearly as she reads a golf course. Alex for charity ABC news Rockville Maryland.

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{"duration":"2:58","description":"ABC News’ Alex Presha meets with Amari Avery, the 16-year-old California teenager ready to take the golf world by storm.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"72316510","title":"Future Phenom: What's next in women’s golf?","url":"/US/video/future-phenom-womens-golf-72316510"}