Gambling Seniors Warned About Penny Poker Games

Residents at a Washington senior citizens center have been told that their games are illegal.
3:00 | 02/05/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Gambling Seniors Warned About Penny Poker Games
Seven to -- room at the snohomish senior center. Yeah yeah three and you'll find a full house says he's very handy excuse me -- movement. -- It doesn't exactly seem like high stakes card games although technically. Along views it that way and it seems like we're getting -- momentarily -- hassle this has become indeed. The senior senator's been hosting card games here for years. Some of them allow players to put pocket change on a game of pea -- OK -- ready to go about six weeks ago the state gambling commission sent a letter. Saying there's this city law that makes social card games illegal. Even the ones the seniors play for petty cash it was. This is what we have and the rules -- the rules you know even if it's Nickels and -- -- to draw the line City Council members will tell you they never intended to draw the line in this way that the law. Past five years ago. Was to prevent major money from changing hands on main street other intent was not to do it for nonprofits like the senior side. But now the senior centers being caught in the middle -- he -- -- -- -- Good looks like Eileen Lopez don't wanna lose out on something they line. -- were not -- gamblers here. We're just older people. That would love to play Peter Cook at all she's not much of a gambler she wagers this City Council. Might just have a change of heart I really pretty cute because I was at the council is being younger -- don't elders today.

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{"id":22379696,"title":"Gambling Seniors Warned About Penny Poker Games","duration":"3:00","description":"Residents at a Washington senior citizens center have been told that their games are illegal.","url":"/US/video/gambling-seniors-warned-penny-poker-games-22379696","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}