Digital Report: George Zimmerman Trial Week 1 Wrap Up

Prosecutors and defense counsel question Jonathan Good about altercation before Martin was shot.
7:15 | 06/28/13

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Transcript for Digital Report: George Zimmerman Trial Week 1 Wrap Up
This is a special report from NBC news. Hello everyone I'm Tanya Rivero a New York with -- ABC news digital special report. Day five of the Zimmerman trial. On the stand today more witnesses from the prosecution right now we're gonna bring it. ABC's Eric -- -- who is down in Sanford Florida hi there Aaron what stood out Hewitt in these morning's proceedings. An eyewitness named Jon good who -- a neighbor of Jordan -- since he says. He was called by the prosecution but he may have ended up helping the defense -- it because he says he saw what looked like a serious -- Between two men we now know to be Zimmerman and trade -- -- and he says he saw the lighter skinned men Zimmerman. On the ground and the darker skinned man straddling him and punching him. And then a style mixed martial arts style point the defense repeatedly came back to on cross examination. Now here and we also heard a 911. Call played in court today. From that witness from neighbor John -- we're gonna play that phone call right now. I'm. Police -- deserted shop right behind my help out. 1221. Point entry explains the Reverend Wright in the back of my -- Rocket pool the window on but I -- -- the guys don't help I'm not going. Street 212. -- -- morning and work or. It's -- -- here Aaron obviously he was called up as -- said by the prosecution. But does it seem the -- would be a better witness for the defense wise the prosecution calling him to stand. Well -- and they called him for a couple of reasons one he gives us sorrow -- to suggest that there was indeed a fight may need to establish that there. There was some kind of -- of confrontation. Prosecutor Bernie Hillary undated something interesting he -- his fists and -- she pounded it into his hands. And with a microphone right there in court and that -- made up a giant noise and then. He also slammed his hand down on the desk and he said is that what it was was -- this. Sears kind of -- punching and the witness said no the implications from. The prosecutor's side is that this was not the kind of fight that should make George -- fear for his life. -- -- you heard John good make that 911 call absolutely Aaron that exchanging just described we have that on tapes are gonna play that now. It looked like terror strikes being thrown punches being drowned and as I clarified DTV. Lighting could also been. You know holding down. But there were arm movement gone down mark. The arm movements that -- From a personal at all correct. He's I was dark colored. Attire sometimes correct. The person. You -- usually harmless how it is what it children. Could you see that person's hands. Just appendages. It's too dark -- -- this or that person on top that you tell personal problems -- would strike me here for an overdue. They don't like this -- and -- Do you hear us. OK and you see there that was -- pretty dramatic. -- you tell us how the jury was reacting to all of them. Hope they are entirely captivated one. Court observer described it as engines you were seen testimony. In court and and there were physical demonstrations by both prosecutors. And defense attorneys on cross examination. Defense attorney Mark O'Meara got down on his knees to try -- imitate the position have -- that -- well done video describing what you can see that now is effective technique using the -- Well it's certainly captivates the jury and it makes them pay attention and as we've we've been hearing from the court observers would -- it -- -- here the jurors are paying rapt attention they're taking serious nose and that means that they are engaged and that's exactly what lawyers -- units in a criminal case like this. So is using anything that happened -- they should worry the prosecution. Well maybe this is another eyewitness whose initial account may seem helpful to the State's case but -- Defense attorneys have sought to kind of turn around and used to their benefit we've -- -- repeatedly with eyewitnesses and -- and eyewitnesses. Are notoriously unreliable their their testimonies often -- -- with one another. And so juries aren't necessarily likely to discount them entirely. But this one was particularly memorable saying that the flight didn't seem too bad at first but saying it seems serious enough that he needed to call 911. And and the jury heard it right from John goods mouth that trip on Martin was on top of Jordan Zimmermann. Beating him up and -- style mixed martial -- -- Seems somewhat damning we'll see how prosecutors are able to recover. -- -- the prosecution also brought in today. Security camera expert is that right -- -- the cameras work but they don't show the right time. That they don't show the right time in and that's what a timeline of this entire case had been somewhat in doubt from the beginning. But remember that -- that key point in and I think this is what prosecutors are ultimately hoping to take away it goes to testimony we've seen in the case earlier this week Tanya. Just because that the timeline may be a little bit off even if trade on Martin is the one who's beating up George Zimmermann. The whole thing wouldn't have started -- George -- wasn't. Following -- on Martin and that was what -- Jon tells testified to yesterday and that's what we're going to hear. And witnesses coming up later on today and into next week the establishment of whether -- on Marten was. Fearful -- it seems that he that he was according to Rachel customer. All right eighties and this is this is the sorry go ahead. So this is a -- in this is it who was fearing for her for whose life remember Rachel is on -- -- the trip on Mark Martin had seared in his voice -- -- George -- because he was being followed and now today. The contradictory testimony to say that. -- on Martin was on top of George -- -- beating him up and -- -- style is that enough to convince a jury that George Zimmerman believes he was in a fight for his life. We'll certainly see as testimony continues all right ABC's -- -- Turkey down in Sanford Florida thank you so much for joining us today. And you can of course keep watching the trial on the other live stream channel right here on For now I'm Tanya Rivero in new York and this has been an ABC news digital special report. This has been a special report from me.

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{"id":19521381,"title":"Digital Report: George Zimmerman Trial Week 1 Wrap Up","duration":"7:15","description":"Prosecutors and defense counsel question Jonathan Good about altercation before Martin was shot.","url":"/US/video/george-zimmerman-trial-trayvon-martin-death-jonathan-good-19521381","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}