Georgia Hot Car Toddler Death: Father in Court

Justin Ross Harris is accused of leaving his 22-month-old son in an SUV for seven hours.
41:08 | 07/03/14

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Transcript for Georgia Hot Car Toddler Death: Father in Court
He exit -- vehicle popped open the rear door to his vehicle. He entered into the rear door. Remove Cooper from the car seat. Here recoup from the -- team and placed him on the pavement home next of the vehicle. He got down next to Cooper. -- What -- confirmed from law enforcement and witnesses on scene. What was the condition Cooper. When he was -- out that. -- placed on them to pay the Cooper was deceased. That was detected Phil's daughter the first investigator on the scene in Cobb County Georgia when 22 month old Cooper Harris was found dead. Locked inside his father's hot car what police say -- seven hours hello I'm Michelle Franzen in New York. Justin Ross Harris says he forgot to drop off his toddler daycare before parking and leaving his SUV for work. Today the state making their case for why they say he should be charged with child cruelty and murder. Let's go live back to the courtroom now. He kept the windows -- how long detective Tandy closed the door to that car start to roll the -- -- the door closes he gets in with a key and turn the ignition started up and drop off and -- -- that's her. Have you spoken to speak lieutenant fare this -- they did. Lieutenant -- what's his job to protect girls my own media supervisor. Tom unit commander. Did he. Approached the -- any point at the scene he did about how long after -- definitive look over our. And when he approached the car stuff is headed -- its head he did. When he did that it was there anything of note that he noticed an hour twenty minutes after with the door -- -- there was a follow order or stench coming from vehicle. Now did you actually access that vehicle later as well I did and what did you do that we excuse search warrant that vehicle later on nine. When you executed a search warrant humans people out later. Did you notice that it smelled like those -- order home and smelled like decomposition. -- -- Now justice trivialize this -- You speak to the -- about whether this child suffer -- excessive physical -- we did okay. What you say when you've been a painful that yes. Did you notice any were there any injuries to the child's -- There were and -- windows. The ways explained down there are several that marks on the child's -- Home it would come from the child or a -- being made while the child was alive. And then not healing not -- the older over anything like that in just. Soon after he passed away. There -- any injuries to the child back child's head yes there were home abrasions to the back of childhood. -- are turning attention talk a little bit about. Motive and intent in this case about it it's human code regarding. First talking about negligence and specifically eliminating its once June the eighteenth 2014. And beauty computers phones things -- like that defendants. Did you uncover anything and what he was doing during that day while child out car yes -- What did you -- cut his haven't found. Up to six different conversations with different women it appeared from. But the message from kick mostly which is -- -- and service is that a computer related messaging service it is. And these conversations have these females -- -- what what nature. The most common term when he sexting. -- being sent back and forth between these women ended and it during this day the child out car yes there -- photos. His exposed penis erect penis being sent there are also photos women's breasts being sent back to him. Now did you actually had he located every one of these girls -- had contact I have not. Located Indian tribe located two. The first one. Problem -- the username but I guess -- for lack of better term the older who did you speak with her target and what did she said. She stated that she first met Ross and she knew -- Ross through discount -- -- and other messaging service. And that he had met up -- known that he wanted to hook up with her. And did she talk to you confirm the nature what you saw these these -- -- He issued -- now. Minute turned -- attention was there also another early you Matt -- -- you've spoken with. I have and how old is that she is seventeen this time. How old lesson when the defendant began visas how good Jake Miller -- the scandal but. I don't see how this has anything to do the Garcia in this is something that's going on here in -- in the middle. I don't think it's relevant what would be -- -- -- -- period when the child was initially left and called. -- -- to negligence do today what he's doing due today instead. Bring about -- -- it also goes to motive and -- problems between he and his wife and his unhappiness. Lou clears is that to the timeframe -- -- -- -- up. And it's these these messages and these -- they start in the morning they didn't. -- and they continued throughout the day that you and windy day in around 3 o'clock that happened. It's about an hour before he left overly object. Now -- sixteen year old girl with these chats the are now seventeen they started when she was sixteen her. In these where these sexually involved as well they work. -- did she send him a picture that she did what she sent picture of her exposed breasts and that he sand any pictures to her peak days and a picture of his exposed directing. Now we talk publicly about its computers and got an examination. We have. Are you finished with your examination of these computers we've only scratch surface. Now based upon. Your view these computers and other devices that -- had contact -- I'm is -- obvious that he is deleted some of the things from from cross referencing these computers and phones yes. Number turn your attention again let's -- -- ask -- -- marital status issues he's having his state of mind. -- why tell you anything they were having any problems in the marriage -- -- -- stated that there have intimacy problems. Going back. To show how far -- -- in his mind and the relationship between the two. Did some messages and even different girls room back in 2013. Confirmed that he didn't. Fish I'm gonna -- again a meeting this is being offered somehow prove motive. I don't know what world some back 2013 he's got got to do this at all. That there's there's been no connection whatsoever. Between the events of that day. And it did his job and this fantasy texting or whatever else. He -- no connection at all. The judge repeat your question okay. -- specifically TV another issue of having -- will probably limited question -- I'm sorry Diddy have chats regarding. Sexual activities with other women while his wife is sleeping and -- this child was in the -- some more. Well again what time frame would not start this -- and back around 2013. Leading up to 2014 in this half. It's an ongoing. Activity in the marital issues judge so your contention is that proves motive now. It -- proves motive because he was unhappy his marriage we plan to ship that he wanted to live -- -- live for there's evidence to suggest that based on his Internet searches. Well. I'm still don't -- judge -- -- If you're -- -- Mary get a divorce. This is -- a long long way from having some sort of fantasy testy situation to -- to. -- -- that there's no connection here at all. Thoughts on that -- this is just not -- journalism. Well this is a probable cause here and there's no jury. And the court -- consider the evidence for whatever way convey and it should be given. In the court's determination of probable girls overrule the objection. And I'll speak live this long. Did -- -- sexson -- messages talking about fact his wife knew each year yes the work. Hands. Let's talk about it moved up to about two weeks before the child's death. -- one of these people is having a conversation where. Did he talk about exposing himself. While chatting messaging that's correct yes and was -- -- pictures yes. And it's. -- maturity was not alone while it is doing it yes and. What was it -- -- I'm. We get so caught the -- from the -- -- gave me this is nothing to lose this whatsoever. Through this check the status of his marriage and his fantasy life. To do with the advances in do you think we're we're we're we're just getting so all you -- -- -- That. Just goes to -- to mine two weeks leading up to the death of his job so this occurred within two weeks yesterday overruled the objection. When she talked about him. Exposing himself to Iran that -- is being somebody else there what did he say -- species that has been an abject what are we talking about this other person that he is messaging. Is -- one of the two we know about it several other girls -- This isn't different -- did overrule it did yesterday and we don't even know that our. It did and it is just some person we had an well -- wouldn't be less relevant if -- were a man. I get back to -- And Lindy hop act did you confirm your picture and hate and -- the -- now the profile that she put on lines that she was a team. And it isn't that talked about fancy things like that you can burn through -- and things like that -- more than fancy he actually -- -- for -- yes and -- is occasions wrote no part Cherokee county that's correct. What in the world these men. -- not. Last month last year -- in the -- that incident -- -- -- As is -- -- -- it's -- repeatedly it's it's. What piece of contains as evidence of -- however I think you have. -- of course did mr. -- if you move on to. Facts of the case -- You arm and take one more shot -- horse just to explain his stay in my one day later it's not -- this -- is that the final question on this time it is. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- He talks about being a guitar player this girl com. She asked him. About cheating on why did she -- the cop a question about his costs she did what she asked. She -- she's -- she is this other girl he is sexting trend. If she does injection. -- And we -- -- Final question he says mr. Kilgore alone question and answer and move you know she says some to the fact -- -- you have a conscience. And what was his response no. Now again talking about Merrill's problems and I guess mr. Here's a state of mind. Did. You learn information from talking to him -- from these chats about his. How did his job -- leading up to dated -- it's okay where any word you worked at The Home Depot. Now from looking at these -- and emails and things like that is why did you learn that he was unhappy work yes. He -- passed over for promotion. He had that April 2014 that is correct going to today working and he actually interview -- equally well. That's correct. And did he get that job or not he didn't was he depressed yes. -- they have life insurance -- who they did. What -- -- -- to policies and Cooper on the first policy is a 2000 dollar policy through The Home Depot announced its second it was a something that they got back in 2013. Yes -- well -- November 2012. When he signed up for. And was something he still had at -- time jobs that that's correct and how much was the policy as it's worth -- thousand dollar policy. Now in speaking with him from looking through the text messages chants and why things like that -- -- any time client that. They were what -- Choose complain about his purchasing a home spread of purchasing or overcharging credit cards now who was in control of finances at this time he wants. He tell you anything about its finances yes what -- he stated that -- finances were fine that they had recently charged 4000 dollars and credit card. Home and he had done that for the airline months. In looking at these. Phones and computers and things like that will be able to examine any web searches that you may have -- I did. First of all -- turn your attention to the I guess site web site wrist already DD -- T the court order what is Brett. Read it is a lieutenant entertainment site has as -- bills itself it's a social networking. -- new sharing blogging types of it. And -- better things called -- credits within. Read less they are so credits are like a sub culture or a specific home -- like -- you know for a person. Basically -- topic. The companies doing. Were there any topics of concern. First of all regarding debt gets up intelligent about. He visited several sites at home and these sub -- it was so people who died. Once again in having the perfect but it's like people who die and it shows -- of people dying. And it's in all sorts ways from suicides to Iraq. Executions. Those -- -- billions. Now anything liquidity separates carriers in the last few months where this -- that did he go to any topics pertinent to you. This case and he didn't mind. He did. Tell the judge about -- -- -- -- he went to pertinent to that. He went to a separate it was called child free. And child free is a people who advocate -- child free they advocate not having more children and two -- -- I guess that the best way that Clinton. And we went to this Everett that he actually you -- Jump over four point 44. Was there anything about prison -- anything like that -- and web -- He did he did also did a search how to survive prison. -- -- -- How to survive in prison. And specific three years through your conversation when it and -- during his interview. I did he talk to you use legal. Terms and things of that nature she did. -- your searches. Just as preliminary look at the his web searches the research any -- in the state of Georgia he did he he typed and ask for the age of consent for Georgia. When you're speaking with him what -- you -- -- how he speak about the charges which -- -- -- arrested for the cruelty charge. When it first broke into the cruelty charge he argued it. Said it was an accident. Did you later and he's also being arrested for felony murder I did. -- decision was made on -- look at everything we've gathered to that point home we did decide to charge him with murder. -- from back into the interview room and sat him down to explain the charge to. When you tell -- what he's -- -- being charged with what language did -- use. When response. He looked at me and sit down but there's no malicious intent. No malicious intent. Now during the interview. -- last few questions in the top problem -- Did he discuss the issue of being afraid of children his child dying in car yes let me tell you about these there was a fear it's. And he explained further Casey did about his -- that he -- yet he agrees or watch web site's home. On this -- come to -- particular. Here -- -- let me ask you did you watch -- on television involving an advocate yes tell the judge about what he said. -- -- -- TV show an advocate. Home who had lost his child. He's. Ross that just like me home in a child heat related death. And others -- had a king for turnaround program. He was very conscious of this because. Others advocate and to turn around program he said he practice it often. NS and outs are for turnaround programs actually turn around make sure there are no children in the car with -- He actually he learned about how to do that that's correct and his claim -- he did you on that date knowing her. Do you talk about anything else about -- -- -- and let's just what did he tell you that let's just talk about what he told you first. He told me that we're talking about of course you know about -- -- again and he stated that it -- another video and his video. It was his base in the Internet and this is -- Internet based alien in this video of that. Home got on there and told about. Heat related deaths. Animals. In horse and -- you can't even if you roll down windows. Down your animal perished in the car. And he gave you another example where the dangers of leaving its alluding. Being in a car he did he say when his worker for Tuscaloosa. -- canine was like the one on the PD vehicles and died within ten minutes. And -- turn your attention to this video or talked about these web searches that you did. Or you need the examination needed to look at his web searches. Did you find a web search on his work computer Villanova related to what he described -- Did you actually find the video on there that he describes -- I did could you tell the judge. And -- what does. Video depicts. That they and I believe its -- -- -- get -- name wrong it's like Ernie ward and he is a veterinarian. And he's very he's advocate for course you know animal care and the veterinarian decides to do it demonstration. About the dangers leaving here animal in the car. So he goes out to a core he sits in the car in the middle of the summer moment appears to be very hot outside. Home and he sits there for. Thirty minutes and as -- -- that is about six minutes long and through this video he's shown you times and showing temperature the temperature in the carpets to. Over 117 degrees for a under seventeen victories. And he starts to explain how horrible. -- feeling it is to be in this car. And he goes over several times he is this is horrible he doesn't imagine that you couldn't move if I wasn't thinking person -- can reason through this. That if they are just trapped here in this car. Now this video. Was it something that you looking for your examination that -- he wants number of times that he used he did it twice. And detective. What days you use this video -- according to the nation here corn -- examination he needed on June 13. 2014. -- -- -- -- -- Judges are the questions I have probable cause -- do you want to go ahead ask questions regarding bond with the detective should go ahead and our -- Well as well. -- thank you. Okay first of all the issue of life -- it would be. -- -- -- you have any concerns is there any evidence that you learned in his case he may be at risk life I do I do. If you re rich for flight home number one he is already stated that he's got law enforcement experience in his own words. -- secondly he is a what was a resident most recently of Alabama home during the -- stated he had no friends here and understand when though not from Torre had no family here. -- film is all in Alabama. Home evidence has shown us right now -- he's got this whole second life that he's living with alternate personalities and alternate. Home personas. Which it would also make him a flight risk and you know harder to you know keep track of where to locate -- needed. Now as far as contacting intimidating witnesses. Do you have any answers from your investigation about whether that -- pose a problem I did he he is a computer expert. Home all these people he's been talking to. They've got catchy names I believe he would be able to find them again. Com and since he has met them once there's nothing stopping him -- and not everyone you know led to meet them again. And based on the -- of this investigation -- you have been able to positively in fact speak with all these witnesses yet -- Now based on his actions at the scene we talked about as much. Win police officers approached the detectives tell the judge about how you react. What -- -- -- on the phone and he's telling somebody that -- child was dead and asked me get -- phone and he said no. And at home the officer asked again -- the phone and he goes but you. And so the officers were able to let that time took his phone away in the placed him in handcuffs and detained him at that time. And would -- place in the back over the patrol car he was. And have your view that media. I have and is defendant showed any emotion or anything in the back that patrol car prices. Regarding calling 911 did he ever call on want to know who denounced. Finally regarding factors whether he's ready to commit other crimes. Do you think that you may be addressed commit the crimes yes. In addition just the nature of this offense. Based on these -- and things of these -- messages and pictures. Have you determined that he is. Committed other crimes -- and generally what crowns and what that what that law. Right now it's a computer based crimes on -- sexual exploitation of a minor. It also does it appear that he is committed. Two misdemeanor violations involving illegal contact with a minor sexual and troop. -- -- -- -- -- Before you start Kilgore have what. -- -- The condition of the child's -- Who moved from issue the district. Can you give me more information. He has your child to -- that what is -- based. The child when it was removed from the removed from the -- placed on the ground it is Charles and remorse. According to the paramedic on scene. The head -- kind of people were kind of cocked back because he would -- be starting. The child's eyes were half closed the lips were discolored and appeared is that it's time -- shooting from a small. He did anybody give you any estimation of how long it would take. From the -- to be in that condition after this. According to and want to enter preliminary results coming from doctors for medical Examiner's office so he believes the child was dead before noon. In the cross examined was still and. First -- issue. -- issue of mind. Where exactly do -- thing. Mr. -- ago the United States of America and smiling recognized. Several places. Like pay for some you know I think he walked down the street and someone recognized him. If you -- -- TV's -- leader actually I have not yet know Sarah having a lot of papers no. -- -- -- -- We're here on today Porsche charges. Cruelty to. -- child and second degree is the underlying felony -- -- Com. So tell me exactly. Exactly win rawness. Committed that particular. Offense. Or he committed the offense of neglect even -- child in the car -- and OK so your your your columnist in the act was completed at -- -- child or what way correct. The war doesn't -- -- that. That act was intentional that's correct. And if it's not intentional would you read it and that it would be unintentional. I think the evidence now. Is -- -- intent. The. The unrest on that -- It was there was the first warrant which charged cruelty to -- child first to use her -- -- took a second -- five days later on. Well obviously there's two important points or six days later -- Arctic states can't Boca. So -- time you're done about six days investigation -- her right hand. You did step the war back. To -- inside. I would argue it's not a step back. Well he went from basically an allegation of willful. To negligence for yes -- prominent trial that's correct I was there was your point one particular piece of evidence her son caution you to make that -- of war. Yeah there's multiple pieces of evidence -- that that. That -- in that five or six days -- -- to go from willful to criminal net criminal negligence this. What was what would you -- a primary piece of evidence that coaching. To -- willfulness. Today. So the primary was is this. How -- -- And it was Harvard medical Examiner's report came back and he came back and said it was hypothermia. -- before we are going with. Dehydration lack associates. He came back. Stated that you know what's hyper -- in the child did die from the neglect of being left in -- car -- And that was. That was NC it was his. Second. And you are listening to a live court hearing. In Cobb County Georgia over the death 122 year old toddler. And first investigator on the scene still on let's -- stand now fielding questions from. The defense attorney and we are joined now by ABC news chief legal affairs anchor Dan Abrams. Dan a lot of details -- -- out. From this hearing today from detective's daughter what stood out to you well this is a completely disturbing. A case where prosecutors. Were suggesting. Criminal negligence. To a case where. Eighties clear this detective believes that this was a premeditated. Murder. And that. The mother may have been involved as well and there were a couple of really important points made by the detective about what the mother may have known. That the mother shows up that day care to pick up her son. They say well your husband never dropped off Cooper and she immediately says. Well that he must've left him in the car our first response her first record into the investigated -- must've left him in the car which is. Have a bizarre response when someone says. -- your child wasn't dropped off here at day care furthermore. An important point need divide the detective saying that -- conversation was had. Between. Done that Dustin Harris and his wife where he said to -- dreaded how he would look. I -- these detectives clearly believe. That at the very least Justin Harris and it sounds like they believe Justin Harris and his wife together and premeditated the murder of their. Child. Yes listening to this hearing that it's all laid out for the judge -- the judge decided whether or not this case. Moves forward in that direction the detect also spoke about watching Justin Ross Harris alone in the interrogation room let's take a listen to that. His demeanor -- what we're actually would fluctuate also he starred off. Trying to work himself up or watch him on the cameras he's doing things walking around and he's run in his diocese you know trying to look like he's trying to hyperventilate himself and -- -- to stop. -- -- you walked over recent -- through we had a map on the wall is covered up a two way -- consistent and looks at the map. He stood up to stand down -- -- sit back down home. No tears no you know real emotion coming -- and except for you know the husband who would -- it. Strong words from the detective why is the defense not allowed to argue about his interpretation now what -- the demeanor evidence here to me is secondary I mean demeanor evidence is always interpreted been tough to assess. They've gotten much harder evidence here would regard to -- searches that he did right he was on a red -- sub forum called child free. For communities of people who don't want children. He had searched. Videos. On what happens when you get into law a hot car and someone dies one of those searches occurred five days before this happened. He was sexting. What with other women six different women on the David -- child was sitting in that car. The burning to death. I think this is incredibly powerful evidence and so emotional and so disturbing. Where do they go from here with all of this this -- certainly been. A very emotional case that's caught nationwide attention just by the fact that this child died in the car but given the information yeah learning today how is that changing the scope of this whole case. Well yet the prosecutors have done something that I think it's very Smart here they've charged him -- the lowest crime of murder in terms of what they have to proof. Effectively. They only have to prove that he was criminally negligent. And that -- the child died in ordered -- convicted felony murder. At this point they're not charging him with premeditated murder -- back could change. But this will allow them to to present evidence such that even if there's some jurors who have questions about whether it was premeditated. If they can prove everything -- they've laid out in this preliminary hearing. They probably won't have a particularly hard time proving at the least criminal negligence. And therefore murder so. What's gonna happen now is it is almost certain that this judge will determine there is enough evidence to move forward. The only question is will bail be granted in any amount he's currently being held. -- without bail -- bond. And and that's the only issue I see in the hearing is will there be any amounts -- And will he be able to -- and sounds like they were having financial problems according to the testimony so -- said it any significant amount he probably won't be able to pay it anyway. And given the the public hearing and also the high profile now this case. Could this affect any potential jury pool this point. You look in theory can that this is the argument anyone every criminal defense attorney makes any high profile case they always say. Well you know my client can't get a fair trial now etc. the bottom line is we -- where in the middle the day on a work day. There are a lot of people even in Georgia. Who are not watching this. Who are in -- in or near this community who will be able to fairly. Judge the evidence as it's presented in court -- jurors don't have to know nothing. About a case they just have to be open to hearing the evidence. And basing the verdict on that but. I just can't emphasize enough. How started. This hearing has been. -- in this hearing has been shocking. I've been following this case have been covering this case but listening to the test and and mind you one other point we haven't even discussed. Is that it sounds like the prosecutors. Are are alleging here that. They may have done it for the money. -- they taken out an insurance policy on this little baby. And that they were having financial problems and that may be they did this I -- it's part for me even say without getting emotional having a child this age. That they may have done this. To get insurance money. It is it's based on dirt around up here about the circumstances of the child's death let alone some of the details but -- -- up today. And those allegations against the father let's go back to the sexting with other women we -- in prosecutor. Sort of chipping away at that with the defense attorney trying to intervene trying to stop. -- us an idea of how that could affect the case will -- It again out the defense attorney was arguing this has nothing to do with -- the case against him what. Prosecutors successfully argued at least in presenting -- to the judge was. This shows his -- that he wanted out of the life that he had with the child and talks about him you know texting very explicit photos and getting very explicit photos back. -- on the day. That this happened so you know it's it's very. An emotional testimony I don't know that it's sort of the most important. Evidence that we've heard but it is part of the wow factor another point again and there's just reading my notes from this whole hearing. About all of the important things -- came up as the detectives two of them went into the car an hour later. After the child had been removed after the windows have been open and said there were still a foul odor. In the car of course the point here being how did he not know immediately and that -- with what a lot of the testimony was about was how could -- not have -- How could he have forgotten. Only minutes after leaving a chick filet and going -- the parking lot of where he worked. How could -- not have known that his child was there -- based on the way he was parking. Turning around to look out behind him how could he not -- remembered that there was a child. -- coming above the -- child seat there. Prosecutors. And the detective clearly beginning to present a case that there is no way. That he could not have known that his child was in that car. And in addition to the items that you say that the prosecutor laid out of those web sites that he had gone to. About how people react in cars or even animals. The lead investigator here also laid out that he would also visited sites of advocates. Of how -- not. -- -- your child in a car correct yeah right is so the point being it was a topic he was -- -- -- he was incensed with this topic. Of what happens when you leave your child in a hot car. And it is makes it even more impossible to believe. That he just forgot. That his child was there when this is a topic that he was not just familiar with. But that he had been searching for and thinking about in the d.s leading up to this happening. So. All of this information -- new meaning beyond what we've known about this case are ready and now it starts to explain. Why one of the officers. Involved in this case said. It shocks the conscience. And the one officer said he'd never seen anything like this in -- thirty something years. Of being involved in law enforcement. Now we're seeing the details of what led to that. Reaction so then let's talk about now as we move forward if the judge as you mentioned will say there's -- -- to proceed with this what are investigators doing are they now. Working to talk and interview with the wife if they believe that she may have been involved what are the possible scenarios here that she could possibly testify against him. But -- two key things that they're doing number one you heard that the detective saying they just scratched the surface. On some of the computer forensics that they still have a lot of digging to do. With regard to where he and -- had been on line. Bomb and what other evidence they could get from phones etc. Number two it's going to be the wife and if they'd feel that they can prove. That this was a premeditated murder in the she was involved. They'll charger to they will change the theory of this case at that point. They would then that no longer just charge him with child cruelty. And felony murder and possibly charged both of them with premeditated murder and second from listening to this hearing. That detective clearly believes that the wife was involved now whether the prosecutors believe they'll be able to prove that is separate. Question and I want to ask you something else as we sat there and listen to these. Was your sense as you watched Justin Ross Harris and his demeanor the suspect here in court. And look he's he's sitting there I mean you know the it's it's always -- And a media fodder to sort of look at the defendants say what is he thinking and there's no jury there so it kind of doesn't matter right. The bottom line is he's doing what he should do which is nothing. He's sitting there he's paying attention he's looking around. But you asked before about his demeanor. With the detectives that it that does become relevant. His demeanor the detective saying it would shift at one moment he would almost seem like he was trying to work himself into a frenzy and then another moment he'd be totally calm. The detectives clearly suggesting that he was acting. So demeanor becomes in. Somewhat important would regard to the moments. That that his child is removed from the car and when he speaks to detectives. You know -- his demeanor and a preliminary hearing isn't that important. And that's what the judge will be taken into consideration -- what he is heard in the courtroom today not necessarily what he has seen Dan Abrams. Thank you very much for joining us and giving us some perspective on. This disturbing case in the and you can of course watch this court case stream live on ABC news -- -- com continuing here. And you've been watching a developing now story you can keep up with this story by downloading the ABC news happens starring in this story for those exclusive updates on ago. For now I'm Michelle Franzen in New York.

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