Georgia School Shooting Suspect Waives 1st Court Appearance

Officials hold press conference revealing new details regarding suspect Michael Hill.
21:01 | 08/21/13

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Transcript for Georgia School Shooting Suspect Waives 1st Court Appearance
This is a special report from ABC. Hello everyone anti Hernandez in New York with his ABC news digital special report. He accused gunman who opened fire with police. Holed up inside a Georgia elementary school waved his first court appearance today he is now being held without bond students meanwhile headed back to class but. At a nearby high school instead of their own school which is now a crime scene. Police say the twenty year old man slipped into their school near Atlanta barricading himself in the front office. And shot a police until a school employee with nerves of steel talked amending giving up. We've also learned today from a source who told ABC news that the man was armed with -- -- Romanian AK 47. And the ATF has already Trace -- -- to find out how he got it. Police are now holding a news conference with development in their investigation let's listen and. But I think important thing for us to -- to do here locally and across the country is to inform everyone where we are in this investigation. And how is it moving along all right so at this point guard turned over to lead investigator who will update us -- Thank you -- picture. I'm detective ray Davis with the Afghan police were actually felony and it's my partner effective for -- and losing. At this point we're following -- of course working with the other agencies to follow up continues in the investigation. At this point the you know the suspect is in custody Michael -- -- White male page twenty. He was taken into custody at the scene. By several agencies that came together yesterday. Detectives and officers who made entry into it and then once he. They got into the the administration office up front where he was they took him into custody without its. -- and has been recovered. We do have it but it is an AK 47 type assault rifle. Have recovered. Some other bags with you don't. He had approximately 400 approximately 500 rounds of -- with you -- a couple of magazines. He. Did not have anything else in the bag that wouldn't. Hard to. He he has given a statement. We can't release anything from that statement do -- depending investigational. And -- -- start working with the district attorney's office with the case. He he will be charged with several offenses -- -- most serious courses -- police officer. There -- be a product approximate three counts of -- against whom we count false imprisonment. And several weapons charges related to it. The. Follow up investigation at this point we're talking to friends and family acquaintances things like that. To learn more about. -- ourselves. And some people come forward to the others. So were reaching out to them at this point everybody investigations thus far has been cooperative. And that the -- The he he did fire the weapon within the school that he did not go back into the classroom area. He never left the administration area of fraud. But he did step -- In -- in there was gunfire exchanged outside one of our officers did return fire. Again. So at this point. It's just a matter of continue on the bureau of alcohol tobacco or was a big he'll -- running down the way. They traced we found -- -- wrote that. We have since learned some things about the weapon that still -- so we can release. A lot of information on that -- at this point. -- -- It's just a matter of continuing on worry more about him. His actions may be right before hand. Things like that. Potentially. Probably taking him to court tomorrow we're not sure at this point we're still working with -- magic -- The issue. I'm fine. It as far as I don't believe it was. But -- alcohol tobacco and firearms has taken possession of the weapon. And they're gonna -- at their laboratory. Determined this case it -- -- -- -- -- -- Is there aren't quite time yet learned all if you raise automatic. -- -- -- -- No sir -- they make a semiautomatic version of the a cave what you -- knows the -- Forbes or. It's him out. No other weapons were recovered at the school so this was not. It was not business. We're following up on an angle at this point. And yet. -- -- correct. For there. -- -- I want release everything that he obtained anywhere and we believe from an acquaintance. And working to. Locate that person and then back to the person who actually first. -- -- We can't release everything at this point. But we believe he obtained it from the house of an acquaintance. No -- there was -- school. We don't know exactly why. He may have had prior contact with somebody there in the past he is a local person from taking action. In the metro area. He has a slight criminal history. This county and Hillary and so. He probably knows people here but I can say it has -- -- definite reason why he went to school. Would we go over that -- just a second. Here to my knowledge this point. There was nothing found in the car. It was a explosive type. Or refer that to another too -- to. He's an expert with the explosives -- it was only seen so what -- No -- To my knowledge. We -- -- -- that -- like this I don't waiting to. Work with the court systems at first so that we can have. -- total charges things like that. -- -- So -- -- Washington. And Z. Byron -- -- With the win the legally. The -- me. When you go in the front door she goes through a -- a little luck you can write to an -- and -- appreciate -- into the school. And offices of -- he never left that office except to step out per second into the lobby that backed. And he never did he did step back out front and that's when he engaged with the police. So while he was in the office he did fire around inside an office or whatever -- -- fires -- excellence. At the floor. So -- courtroom for a few rounds. Only about the total number around shocked at this point that's -- -- until I speak with the district attorney's office on the joint. Haitian police work to correct yes for those around issues in the -- around the fire. The only -- As far as you disappoint his organization. He stepped up front door patient -- -- conference. In the office. -- -- -- Don't go into details. So what's really lucky for -- -- the important thing here is. Dollars and -- into the school -- -- nobody's it's. Why do our work these are walked -- -- clock. What is really going I -- what me doesn't want. US US this woman in the afternoon. Talking. Kill -- war. I believe there was something else but I don't want to go into details as to his motive at this point. -- the district attorney's office but remember anything that -- in regards to your question deserves okay. Ipso -- students were certain -- so so we clarify some things. Here's what we do know he walked into a school on his own collision course we know. -- an automatic assault weapon with 498 rounds of ammunition. We have to make a reasonable assumption. He was there to do harm to someone -- And we responded accordingly fortunately this game to any end quietly. Without incident. But they're putting your question. And not to be too speculative in all of this I think we can all make a reasonable assumption he came -- it -- them all he did come asset and that building he did -- shots. In the direction. Of officers. There do harm. Kids that is a question I don't believe that I can answer in -- -- and answer but here make a reasonable assumption. All right look at the history in this country of school shootings more recently sandy hook. Make an assumption based on the fact he entered a school in elementary school -- children. He -- to do one or two things either do harm to those children and or any first responders. OK so we have to operate. Based on that progress and that's how we respond based on that premise. Is that way. -- sending it to believe it. -- our children. He's made a statement -- can say at this point until her -- -- -- -- news anymore. Person possibly is -- there been there before speaking with some people in the administration are. -- action nothing powerful -- No -- but there is no indication that penalties with the school. Probably be spoken with people -- -- he's -- back into the school before. -- -- Its problems. We're just wanted to -- they wanted to show at this point we have recovered a piece of evidence. It's a picture of him holding the weapon. It was taken -- -- been -- investigation. But listening. To as much further at this point -- get -- copies of we will get. We're don't know exact time -- the investigation is still going and recovering. Further evidence from the -- We're not sure that's so be it that's so me and weapons and -- We believe this is the same -- you know where. Do not just going to get quote. School. -- -- -- say we're still finding out more. -- -- -- -- -- I don't know everything in his background on the middle history -- He's indicated that he was home medication that he. To stop taking it. We're still looking -- today. His criminal history was. It's not only -- history -- -- stay here he has some. Violence in his. -- -- -- -- -- -- I didn't -- Threats. Things of that nature from Branson's -- yes well yeah. He has something you honestly I can't. In July he. Three years probation. From terrorist occurrence. We're watching. Please -- current probation. We've spoken with his probation officer asks how does her vision -- -- We're. Currently -- that are still looking into. Adversaries. Together we believe an acquaintance. -- his house. -- We're still talking with people to follow. And it -- and I got to wrap this piece I had read this piece but but as we gather more information we certainly will share -- -- one more question reports. Appropriately in the artillery -- AK 47 type assault right. The -- saying is full lot of I don't believe it was good it is being tested AT&T. Approximately magazines and -- 490 around partly shop and browse and -- we're. This seven point 62 -- 39. Okay -- one last question one last question please. What do you use what to what do you attribute the fact that this. -- -- -- but yes -- they don't mind you. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Is that we're able to respond today school. Very -- quickly. In assessments were made her her quickly and and and what they needed to do. To engage -- rip it happens all very quickly. Considering all the circumstances. So was it potential there to have another sandy -- absolutely I think we all can reasonably conclude that. But I think the most important thing here to remember in all of this we had a rapid response we get officers who got on that scene with a long rifles. And that was important nation not just with the campus police or sheriff's office -- office all who responded today SC. Once we news I had an idea of what we hated. -- that hopefully circumvented. That -- being directed more -- into that building where that. Where there was students' work as. That was huge that was a key piece and thanks for bringing that -- because she was in there she was they -- talk him down put that weapon down. And because had -- not been the case. This could have certainly turned into something. Observer of the very quickly as -- to -- -- She was a real out that she's a real hero in all of this she just -- A stellar job she was -- she was come. Very collective and all -- maintain aware at all. Personal. It appears that beating case I have not met her personally so don't wanna be misleading here but from all accounts. That I'm aware of in footage that I had an opportunity to see from the local media. She put herself. In. In front -- In separated. To separate -- children rest of the felt that the away from him -- her. And not only that debt felt that he did that principle the county administration -- -- exactly what you're trying to do. What I want to do is write in lieutenant -- -- to come up. Who is our explosives. A specialist in any questions you have in regards to -- To the reports of yesterday of explosives being on the scene giving -- an answer force lieutenant. Estimates gentlemen how lieutenant Greg got -- -- -- his -- eight and Jose from a lieutenant with the -- special operations have been. Yeah it is sort of who knows car just sort of. Of explosives did you find. Sports program. And. Now we did not detonate the car -- so we as you know the trade market needs situations such as this tends to involve the use of bombs improvised explosive devices. Out of an abundance of caution any -- on a situation like this week is our explosive detection canines to clear the area make it safe for the citizens the children and also the first responders. Comments -- -- an -- -- -- we came across a car that -- initial information want us to believe that he was involved in that car parked hired him in some way. Tom so -- it was we're running the dogs over that explosive -- detection dogs over those vehicles and we had to separate canines indicate on that car. Com we try our very best eliminate that -- or trying to learn of any ties that he had a car we weren't able rule it out or rule in. -- -- when everything else or is happening at the time we had to take some action on -- card two basically render it safe to a degree. Com we function as a tool that would remotely open the trunk of that car to investigate -- further while keeping us in a safe place. Tom after we function until we're -- -- look inside the vehicle and rule out any actual explosives in the car. We did later learned that's not the person -- that vehicle which was not the offender. -- -- -- -- materials in the car at some point -- that we're precursor chemicals that are typically used in the functioning. The formulation of -- -- explosive devices. We also found some not regular household products are in the vehicle that are also. Tom used as precursors for improvised explosive devices Thompson all the information together and is probably an indicator swipe at -- -- and some -- This his home. -- -- Was this there's. Yeah I'm not connect comment on how this time around Miami looked investigator comment on that and say. Final person on the clock. You know they were not there was nothing illegal in that car that would come from our investigation weren't -- anything in their car was illegal to own or possess. Mr. Hilton -- I have -- knowledge. -- Any indication whether. -- -- We have additional units since our criminal investigation division following home the weapon. And things like that and they can get charges related to that but directly related to the incident did this time it doesn't -- anybody else will be charged. It is you really want that person who. Over -- to -- person. -- -- Can you tell us and this hearing this. Penny. Maybe. School shootings understand how. There's no indication. -- thanks a lot yes you don't you couldn't say it's. Thank you very much. Even watching a news conference with Georgia police expanding on what they now know about. A man who walked into an elementary school armed with an AK 47 type assault rifle and 500. Rounds of ammunition. Fortunately the situation ended without anyone being hurt or injured the suspect is in police custody apparently made a statement but police haven't. Told us what that statement is this is an ongoing investigation but. Again no one injured and to all is well currently at that elementary school where this man walked in. With a loaded AK 47 type weapon you've been watching ABC news digital special report anti Hernandez in New York. This has been a special report from the.

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{"id":20026403,"title":"Georgia School Shooting Suspect Waives 1st Court Appearance","duration":"21:01","description":"Officials hold press conference revealing new details regarding suspect Michael Hill.","url":"/US/video/georgia-school-shooting-suspect-michael-hill-waives-1st-20026403","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}