Georgia State Rep. Park Cannon discusses arrest, new voting law

Georgia State House Representative Park Cannon on what the new voting law means for Georgians, and what she plans next after she was arrested inside the Georgia state capitol.
6:35 | 04/13/21

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Transcript for Georgia State Rep. Park Cannon discusses arrest, new voting law
The Wall Street Journal reported that over the weekend dozens of CEOs gathered on a zoo called the plan a new push on voting legislation. Coordinating what big businesses should do next about a wave of new voting laws across the country that critics say impose new requirements on access to the ballot box. Georgia has been of course at the center of the debate after the state legislature in the State's Republican governor Brian Kemp. Pass its new voting law SP two O two last month. That prompted this scene the in the Georgia State Capitol. As democratic state representative park Chan and repeatedly knocked on governor Kemp's office stores he signed the new law in a closed door ceremony. Cannon was and forcibly removed from the state house and arrested by state troopers we are joined now by representative cannon and her attorney general grades thank you both. For being here that we've all seen those images of you trying to ensure that closed door signing what prompted you to take that action in January's surprise alleging your arrest giving you repeatedly told the state troopers that you were a legislator and and should have a right to be there. Thank you for having us to Nazis and I'm a legislator this it is my job. I services caucus secretary and it normally presidents. Fred bill signings this like any other day is State Capitol but we're debating important measures in our voices deserves a leader. And you could face charges for obstructing law enforcement and disrupting general assembly session but Fulton County CA says that they will not bring the case. Are you satisfied that your name has been cleared or are willing take further action over your arrest. Thank you for that option you know we're looking and I'll be asked does he have. At this moment I hate and is presently thankful to the pulpit in county district attorney's office they did a complete and arrow investigation. Which is why our name has been cleared in this moment we know there are so many ways. That voting rights are being suppressed so we are just glad in a little bit. I haven't exhale overwhelming. As seeking to ease of I agent starters and ration. And Jerrold Griggs like to bring you any on this as a legislator did she have the right to Daryn and what are your thoughts now as far as pursuing legal action going forward. Issued an absolute right to be there on the the Georgia constitution she wouldn't three bowl wrist. Not during the legislative session. Energy in all options all legal options on the table we are saddest rabbit to district attorney dismissed the charges but she should have never been arrested in the first place. And we will site with every single legal available from wicked to clear her name now that we have got the charge dismissed. And turning to the voting legislation opponents of the law including president Biden have compared the new law to the Jim Crow Ara. Governor Kemp has responded to that on Fox News saying quote well. I can truthfully look and a camera and asked my African American friends and other African Americans in Georgia. To simply find out what's in the bill vs the blank statement of this is Jim Crow and this is voter suppression. Or this is racist because it's not would you say this is hyper bowl at all to compare this law would actually increases the number of early voting days during primaries and general election races to the draconian measures used during the Jim Crow Ara. Is this law and its impact being misconstrued and all by its opponents. To. This is chip crowds in Plano and Wear red on my habit when you take a lazy hours and individuals into those. The location and it's been met bids ending involves so at a criminal penalties. For helping other individuals. Receive human rights issues like water and its alleged. It's very clear that this legislation targets that. I'm million black it would its origins which is why not dot net alert which is why we'll keep knocking senate bill 202. It dangerous territory to businesses and that's why he'd seen them come out to try to address this at this time. And another point of contention is new requirements for voter identification for absentee ballots than Republican say 97% of eligible voters. Have valid ID and simply have to put down their license or ID number with a valid and that other forms of ID can be submitted for those who don't have ID. Is that less injected then trying to match signatures. It's really important that we understand. And state like Georgia where there are still many languages spoken we are in international stage. Therefore there are communities who do not access their ballots in English accent than in other languages who pay east for that. Those are the county pools this bill senate bill Chilo to takes away the right of county board of elections to determine what the need. In their community is this is not act. A great stop crying for Georgia and this is not about eight stacks matched this is about stopping union and east and accessing the boat in a way that. Eagles 08 to them and a way that isn't not obstruct their right. Voting rights are seldom forty per issues just like the wind our nation is watching right now officer bounced shootings and police brutality our family and our hearts go out to those involved and are anti Iraq. Well what we want that he immunity app. Large Chenault if this can extend voting rights these are the same individuals who is legally you're voting rights. Who then proposed legislative measures that don't help address the issues of Latin worsening. And motorists just like here in Georgia when he saw this year. A piece of legislation. That would have cut their rarity in crunch communities. To understand why enforcement instead of the. At a later just about thirty seconds left you have said that you are shaken but resolved as far as continuing the fight in Georgia but I'm curious how you see this playing out in the rest of the country as more states like Texas. Move forward on new voting laws. There are so many young elected officials around the country and we speak regularly as waste he would determine. How silly impact this issue right now. What I will say to all georgians is one. We have to heat not asking where ever those doors are fourteen going and still learning about senate bill 202. It is a lot. At this point we do not have an injunction until we're going to have to come from plaque. Letter animals and actually pay NB the game thank you for having me. Georgia State representative part cannon an attorney Gerald grants we thank you both for your time appreciate you coming on. Yeah us.

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{"duration":"6:35","description":"Georgia State House Representative Park Cannon on what the new voting law means for Georgians, and what she plans next after she was arrested inside the Georgia state capitol.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"77033734","title":"Georgia State Rep. Park Cannon discusses arrest, new voting law","url":"/US/video/georgia-state-rep-park-cannon-discusses-arrest-voting-77033734"}