Giving Tuesday

What is Giving Tuesday all about? ABC News sits down with a co-founder to find out.
2:27 | 11/26/18

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Transcript for Giving Tuesday
It's ABC's Eric interest in New York you know about the days following Thanksgiving Black Friday small business Saturday Cyber Monday. To stay he's giving Tuesday and author current is here she's one of the people behind giving Tuesday. What is at its eggs. That what it sounds like it said a day of giving giving in whatever way feels meaningful to people and now it's actually a global giving movement giving Tuesday is now all over the world even though started right here in New York City giving time giving money what. All of the above so giving donations last year over 300 million dollars was donated. I'm just here in the states just on line just and that 24 hours. So that's a very big outpouring of generosity but communities coming together of volunteering to help those in need donating time donating voice in the sense of advocating for a cause you believe in. Or just being kind to a neighbor or friend or colleague. We could always a little kindness on 300 million dollars raised on a single day sounds like a lot. But maybe not compared to what we spend on some of the other days following. And now last year 300 million donated on giving Tuesday twenty billion spent between Thanksgiving and Cyber Monday. So I think we have even more to give dollars time voice I think there's always more and we expect to see giving Tuesday keeping and keeping on. On pace with its growth. Because I think leave the idea of giving. I'm celebrating giving giving in a really joyful way and especially getting together really resonates with people Americans and people all over the world wanted to ask. Q why do we need a day to. Designated as the day to give. I think we should be thinking about giving and generosity every single day of the year. But just like a wedding anniversary or birthday. It makes a lot of sense to have one date that we really celebrated and focus and I think that the expression of generosity and giving Tuesday actually works to make people more generous and more mindful of their generosity. All year round. And I think inning Tuesday is also about bringing giving into the open as a topic of conversation. It's really meaningful to share what you care about and the impact that you hope to make on the world with with those in your in your life. Talk about giving up just consumption exactly we talked plenty about what we'd like to get and Asa current is part of the 92 street Y part of the folks who founded giving Tuesday which follows. Black Friday and small business Saturday and Cyber Monday a day to bring giving out into the open. Make a donation make a difference I'm Aaron contreras Q New York. You're watching ABC news lives.

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{"duration":"2:27","description":"What is Giving Tuesday all about? ABC News sits down with a co-founder to find out.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"59422726","title":"Giving Tuesday ","url":"/US/video/giving-tuesday-59422726"}