Pit Bull Attacks Spark Drive to Require Neutering

Legislators want to force owners to neuter pit bulls in order to decrease dog attacks.
1:49 | 04/06/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Pit Bull Attacks Spark Drive to Require Neutering
Among dog owners it's sure to become a controversial topic. -- the government be able to force pit bull owners to spay or neuter their pets. Well it's something the Riverside County board of supervisors is thinking about doing. Especially after a number of high profile attacks the the latest one last month in -- -- -- When this pit bull mauled a 76 year old woman but the sentiment behind this from our leaders -- -- level. And they're frustrated that too many people are getting hurt seriously. Some almost near death and it they're frustrated animal services spokesperson John Wells says when pets are fixed. Or altered as he calls it they tend to be less of a problem we do you have a philosophy that. An -- dog regardless of breed tends to want -- room -- and when a dog is roaming last. It's gonna get into less trouble I. Biting kids are senior citizens even. Outside the room but no animal hospital there are opinions on both sides from people who are in favor of forcing pit bull owners to have their pets fixed I just like that idea has stated sanitarium. People who say it'll make them feel more safe that way it's a little more control in the more contained him. No -- violence out there but others say it should be up to the pet owner. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- To think that decision. Yes some people say this is another case of lawmakers going too far. Government tends to step in to too many people's lives too much and in his own way. By doing that they are hurting other individual like readers like myself.

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{"id":18896154,"title":"Pit Bull Attacks Spark Drive to Require Neutering","duration":"1:49","description":"Legislators want to force owners to neuter pit bulls in order to decrease dog attacks.","url":"/US/video/government-force-neutering-pit-bulls-increased-attacks-18896154","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}