Grocery store in Katy, Texas, finally opens to customers after Hurricane Harvey

Hundreds of residents waited in line to buy food and supplies at a store that was shuttered for the storm.
7:02 | 08/29/17

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Transcript for Grocery store in Katy, Texas, finally opens to customers after Hurricane Harvey
For ABC news I'm rob Marciano in Katy Texas west of Houston. When the rain look what he wanted to stop and start to come down yet again we're getting more activity went back cars in and out of his parking lot which. During the height of the flight was being used as a staging area for first responders and volunteers and folks who added rescue boats because the areas around this shopping center. One of them flooded out so. This is one of the few places that's higher ground because the rain as. At least lessen the little bit the roadways and playing on the roads as less as well some people are starting to come out of their homes. Payback hadn't been a lot of them don't have supply so where they come they come the grocery stores look for over here dictating which has been closed for the duration this storm. But now it's open to they're letting people in the doors sporadically as controlled by a police officer through that's an average look at the line of folks here. Bettered trying to get and to Kroger completely when. Camp and out it went cares it was not what times you guys show up in line here. It gave us warnings are definitely ten. And late. I'm sitting island and it ends up. What what you what you in the article Windsor township. Line. You not you stock up like you want and how's how's your house have. Less. I so look you know nobody thought it would last this long with a look at these times even if you prepare worry. Flood and storm for a couple of days that doesn't mean a freer for the event like this like this is turning out to me. Other lines aren't movie palace Evelyn. There are many cable and Bradley so that there's not a mad rush you imagined John Henry Smart does not only problem we've seen innocent. Measured way. Set the lineup was not. You gotta do it. You know Covington home you can. Clinton out of Iraq. Hear from Georgia. Public but the speculative. And all of our box wearing a rise we hadn't even believe can't baby being. And is solved let it rise weak down two vehicles lost two vehicles. Though won't be we have with my wife called off my truck. All of them lost their drugs that we Tuesday for everybody to speak with him. Prayer man. What you guys that ended in the eyes of the nation on you my friend there's a big got pushed against the funding in the hope that you need what are you looking to get inside and sort. The kids the home is only this time it isn't cereals and milk if so much meat makes sandwiches and chips. And stuff that they could snag going to stuffed it is curious through went to liberty at least goes down in back to normal and all the other stores open Mecca. You guys together or not it's about getting I think that you guys are you from the arc and we if it happened at two weeks. On no. Effect here. If you don't give up on this yet at great risk my kids. Went what are you guys been doing during the storm. Like my TV channel in law tired of being inside pitch to get outside all of it and I can't imagine haven't. And back yards but it a plan that floodwater on that good news is there. God. Yeah I can't think it's also urged the smartest mark kept American Sandinista at a water. Heard this nice lady coming walking. And what doesn't like a lot of us postal you pick on me won't you let him my kid. She picked says. Because I don't know if you like yeah. Couple that's it's not noted the people who use it. I'm. Conflict and even a tough new Yorker comedy. I'm on the bus tomorrow at midnight no acting incident happening downtown. Let's. Well. You look at your record and I can only imagine what you guys have been through and maybe it's now we hear what your name calling alienating any thoughts. It's so you guys again and best friends now. Yeah. Yeah. I act couldn't believe it. You got on the catwalk and leave them on them like you think you. There are a lot of angels this storm where we're happy to meet one of aid that's mount donor heart opening night I think. Yeah we want the alligators they and is due to stay out of him let. All right so immediately immediately humanity here that's borne out here the stories of itself struggle. That Israel on the corner. Our meeting in coming together him and on another example of community spirit that is is immeasurable good cross country and especially here in Texas yeah. Gently trying to get excited when he when he began. Old. Pampers and pessimism. And Elvis stuff news. Includes up now helping them home and pretty yeah outlook. Globe and waters. You know overseas and at least has earned run up here. I would communal the line goes. Way back there I mean it's just it's unbelievable. The the line at night is that this government on the Rover's all around the area guy in the morning and you just looked tired. They look like their days. Kind of the kind of evidence that's here. You don't. You died been inside you know me against. It doesn't supply and resupply and might have enough of the storm. Bigger would let me. You Texas. You sound like him ever experience any Michaels. His first thing he's. Of course an ounce of resentment of the buggy fifteen and sixteen. We're here you can hear in the west side. It's not too bad all wet side for the most or. We're not saying that the rest of the city. Well hang in there. Be patient. The long running ads that do when you replace supplies for everybody. What's gonna happen on the west side here even though it's not that look quite as bad as downtown. Houston is you got a couple of big rivers that went through here and they're rising at rest rivers enemy horizon record staged nightly presence of this weekend. And so allotted to you know we still important county we are right paso where Venus one of the biggest counties in the country. And the majority of the on incorporate part of it is under mandatory evacuation. Orders because of the river that's going to be rising presence so. Disorders seen this entire stories is not over by any stretch of the imagination and as I see that rain. Once again reporting from Katy Texas. Not washing up pregnancies.

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{"duration":"7:02","description":"Hundreds of residents waited in line to buy food and supplies at a store that was shuttered for the storm. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"49492287","title":"Grocery store in Katy, Texas, finally opens to customers after Hurricane Harvey ","url":"/US/video/grocery-store-katy-texas-finally-opens-customers-hurricane-49492287"}