Hero student speaks out as investigation into shooting continues

Police Friday plan to wrap up their investigation into the shooting at a Denver-area school.
4:24 | 05/10/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Hero student speaks out as investigation into shooting continues
It's becoming increasingly. Difficult a process even one tragedy when we have so many. That are happening regularly. Within the past two weeks alone three people lost their lives trying to stop. A gunman during a shooting Lori Gilbert case she died protecting people at her synagogue on April 27. Reilly Howell was killed a trying to stop the shooter at the University of North Carolina went April 30. And then it came circus Deo an eighteen year old so close to graduation. Killed stopping the gunman and highland ranch Colorado just this week this is not normal and there are so many more events that don't. Even make the news. Today George Stephanopoulos he sat down with one of the heroes at highland ranch to hear what he had to say take a listen. I saw the the gunman come in the room. Bill. And brandishing a what been saying nobody move and then aside Kendrick and and Brendan get up and you know I was I was right there with them who is confusing you know you never expect that to happen at your school so when it does its. You know it's confusing and scary you know and many go for it I never thought about like. Specifically how I would react you know I would you know just saved me yet that happens all you know try and get away from the gun man I guess. I mean that's what we're told. And then you know when it actually happened that can make that decision that nobody should really ever have to make. Which was run towards a gunman or run away from them and you know I try to strive towards them. Absolutely terrifying. I wanna go to Matt gunman who's in Colorado with more details. On the Colorado investigation Matt. Kimberly I you can still see that police presence behind me at the school there's still caution tape. The district attorney says that he needs basically until the end of today to continue the police investigation once they had to be able to complete their job. Before presenting. The full charges to the two suspects later on L one of the things that police are investigating inside that school is not only what the two suspects gate. What that security guard gate now that was an armed security guard in the school. At the time of shooting so talk about. Three armed parties basically there were the two suspects that teenage gunman dozens of police officers swarming. And that loan security guard now. Law enforcement sources tell us that that security guard fired. At least one shot and they're investigating whether that was fired accidentally tort law enforcement as they try to make entrance into that. Building. There is another controversy brewing at its school and that is a based on a document that ABC news has obtained. Staked out by the school board and it outlines a phone call made to the school board in December by a mother. Calling it anonymously who claimed to be the mother of a senior at the school it. She basically paints a picture of a very troubled place this high pressure environment that she's it was right. For violence she said they were self harm there were drugs in the school that the complaints. By parents like or apparently went ignored. And that if unchecked. This is the kind of thing she wrote that could lead to another Columbine type attack. The school says it took the allegations seriously. It investigated them but found that there is no basis in fact it and anecdotally I've heard from students at this school that. There is self harm on that kids. Have been. In school scene in class with cuts up and down their arms something that that mother talked about so it's unclear. How seriously the school board took these are complaints and allegations it tells us it took that as seriously as it possibly could now. Police investigation in that school should wrap up. It is important to note that today Friday. Was that day that the school graduation was supposed to take place in that that senior eighteen year old Kendrick is deal was supposed to graduate today. Instead his family is preparing for a funeral. The number the kids shot also still in the hospital him. Thank you man very very sad.

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{"duration":"4:24","description":"Police Friday plan to wrap up their investigation into the shooting at a Denver-area school.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"62962970","title":"Hero student speaks out as investigation into shooting continues","url":"/US/video/hero-student-speaks-investigation-shooting-continues-62962970"}