Historic flooding hits Oklahoma

Kentucky Sen. James Lankford tells ABC News there has not been this much flooding since 1986.
2:14 | 05/24/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Historic flooding hits Oklahoma
Marcus Moore with a ABC news here in sand springs Oklahoma where we've been following the effects of historic flooding here in the region and that is the keystone dam just behind me releasing massive amounts of water into the Arkansas River and right now people living along this river. Are under a voluntary evacuation order as the low water. Continues to rise and how I spoke with the senator James Lankford who represents Oklahoma in Washington DC. He toward this damage is also looking at the region to see the the impact of this flooding and here's what he said early. It is a story we've not had flooding like this since 1986 here in green country not enough Oklahoma. So they're managing the water flow right now it could be much worse if the structure wasn't here and perform in the wake performing the flooding be a lot worse but this is obviously really serious and we got. Near thousand structures that are underwater right now. I get a sense that. This is really far from over this is not over right. Right we've got the next four days are good at this level of released just give you picture this this is more water coming out his stamina is actually coming over Niagara Falls right now. And you talk about that the structures. That are underwater with talking about homes businesses fit of those who got about a thousand total structure so morale building sword our homes obviously some of them are businesses so there are those that are gathered all around the Arkansas River and all of us all this area to pay what happens if we get more rain. Then we get more flooding. At this point because there and they're not able to manage much more with 320000. Coming in and 250000 coming out they got a little bit us based in the pool. But they don't have much space at this point at this point brain for no rain and it will continue their release management's. And so the headline here from the center there is that this is far from over they expect. The river water to continue to rise at least. Through Sunday. And there is the potential for more rain farther upstream and that could impact people downstream here in Oklahoma and across the region they're certainly hoping. That the water we'll stay out of homes and businesses here. I'm Marcus Moore with ABC news in sand springs Oklahoma.

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{"duration":"2:14","description":"Kentucky Sen. James Lankford tells ABC News there has not been this much flooding since 1986.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"63261717","title":"Historic flooding hits Oklahoma","url":"/US/video/historic-flooding-hits-oklahoma-63261717"}