Hurricane Irma strengthens to Category 5

ABC News' chief meteorologist Ginger Zee talks about what to expect from Hurricane Irma as it threatens Florida and the Caribbean
15:54 | 09/05/17

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Transcript for Hurricane Irma strengthens to Category 5
See here. Is Matt Griffin neurologist here and other office in eight. I hurt cleaner now it's likely hurt him means category five X loaded and strength to eat. 9 AM. Eight just before 8 AM that went. 115. Which is already traced to one starting at night. Now we're at 185. Axis winds with gusts at 220. Five miles per hour. This is it song of a storm of the likes we really seen close to the Philippines knots here and we hit we don't see this often. Today's strength to that distinctive and I is 130 miles out less miles east of anti. It is closing in a tentative pact over there is no timing of these folks. And it really eclipse shutting down from pottery Patrick K it's going to be talking about that pop art. And that's. The strongest hurricane in the Atlanta. Agencies. And east. In Oliver history through talking about it very very. Strong and well. I. People. That happens. Is since two. Harry. And and C. And news talk about visitors. We're stuck. And sent out their choices to sit. A category. Her exact. Self important to watch where this thing goes and how quickly moving west at fifteen now and that's got hurt in place because. It's it. Hurricane watch that's only function time out all his strength because what he's talking. More. Meaning an export experts twenty color but in accidentally violent start tonight and then we'll go through the day Wednesday Wednesday and Thursday. It took us trick think like us at this it thanks Hannah Storm surge up to eighteen to 28. Could see rainfall. Eighteen to twenty us a line and at. This. Thinks it to. Us eat. Because that's that's at five hurricane and anybody that comes in contact with in this. Colony is important but along that line this at a stolen tightly wound winds breathe at the wind speeds up to a 180 miles per hour. The right cider as called the northeast quadrant sector east activist is it that its place numbers. Us. Then check expands and now we're starting to turn. It. As its lights. North of Cuba pat kisses Cuba right Herat it's so heavy rains and an eight. Higher elevations we'll start up you know insider or nuts like his parents. The southern Bahamas certainly and then clothes and so worried about key lesson it now airport shut down. We were just talking friends stuck there they can't bitter irony flight on Earth Day but act. I asked her out her place. It impacts. Tax forms in west. Our all the keys really with not until Saturday night news Sunday I think that's really importance everyone knows we're still talking about the weekend. When we start to see impacts. And for Florida. Sunday and Monday we see. Itself at this. Fat comes to its. Stars. Computer. You know it's. 1%. That starts this week. Which side of stars it's even worse than. That's good and hotly. Time. That big high in the Atlantic that rotates clockwise so that's what's driving south and west that he had this disturbance pushing down. Into the southeast and actually it's little farther north but. It's pushing down and it's going start making that turn so that's what's helping start turning the act is kind of gears that kind of shove it up and together here's a little problem troublemaker a stationary front. That develops a cold front and that slow the storm down. So even if it takes we've got one scenario here in western more track which would be horrible. I they're making landfall on accurately it's worse yet and Marco Island. Ore mine area. Tampa awful situation she really strong surge on the race that it at this stealthy bat on that heavy rains still big time. This is only get to. That's. Sent. DX. Where you're gonna see her forcefully expands as the that means that your enforcement. At this category 48. Current. Is higher end of the that's not its area. Not a great scenario Al that text a little bit where to go this Far East and well. You. Much strong. It would it. The worst it would be. Hours. I still stars still intact. And that writes. I. Start. The one expert out. But I don't like to see is something like this. Comes out here and in those really strong winds. In Marco Island or at Fort Myers Naples area. And she's an airy. Taking. Green's. Let's. A it. All. That's the issue is how he might be targeting Hamas tire and act as a great how. These models it's no matter where to put. 38. And it's happening and happening I happen. I'm short question. And others altering a little we have got we have. In cat I am. Everybody. Called it live this city and here's that are. Each city is still where this actually happened in. And it keeps. I mean. Avidly plant out. Whidbey Island media ideals I. That sounds right it's not I still here at each site. But it does happily eats them. Are Rockport. Where senators counties. When you category Fuller still considered catastrophic damage. He still have walls and it's not me that's structures apparently standing out cats three. After I. They eat eat eat it all code and now all of these buildings are built to withstand you know this kind of hurricane but it hasn't been tested because. Yet. So that's the biggest issue now is what is happening now that its could be threatening place like me. But even so all. They're out of Florida and just from growing up or eat me up here. I can just you can just see the difference in the way stretchers or it's it's unbelievable. On and that places like they're talking about Ashton and keep that hurricane it is. Still stand and act you need. Less. People like me that Thomas would you. Can't. Last August. And questions. You know really quickly. Yeah. Does very quickly kind of stirring a lot of people are asking about were Rico abstinence written attractiveness. A lot of people are asking what side as it what's the advice from people who upward but what should they give us Asia and also incorporate it there was a question about. Woman has her son normal adding there what can use to best prepare for all of sell it to. Cunningham antique. Depending on where they're staying and think. Being in the most sound structures and men as well most of the buildings violently this. In if their inning hotel or resort situation. They should have some sort of plan I. Surprised that it and we're able to get out a lot of flights are added I'm sorry you're there's this idea would outline our right category. And he asked them higher winds yeah nurture not wins. Surgeon rainfall it means you still. Agencies and I'll. Airlines getting out an issue. Even more so than current track where we. What's. Happening let. In the very near term and very near future that are and well in that. Eight hours. The British US British US and British. So what can examined yeah. It's C. We're talking about right let's just watched. Category it. Matters much hope it does matter but it. You don't want to be it this. Week which ends up being on. That better stop sign matters. Remember you can at X. At a high price. Art. An. That life is seen rain of that magnitude could be pretty and used it. Issues. Are out there. Is Apple's enforcement extent. Hundred plus miles. But sometimes heard. It. Sixty miles out from. Sixty. That's. It's. Eight. Yeah that a lot of people asking. I was humans look a little bit or positive for a lot of people asking about specific towns in Florida yet is it fair to us that we can obviously there's so many towns sell millions of people living in that state. Is it fair to say that it the entire state should just beyond warm. I'll stand by everybody. Us. Earth and that. Up. And there. There. There. And they're under. It. A a it. The and I'll. It. He. And there. As. It. I. Your. I. The and I. I asked him to air this. Thing it means there is nobody I haven't actually sent out. Free tackles and an end and they no. Just. Doing. And that's the best thing I know that you are no no. Just believe that. Time and eyes as. It's happening and it isn't an act. Because. Underwear in this news Tyler people. The need to have backup battery for yourself. And that's cell bars surviving area. And then you have to have battery powered radius that you know what's going and you have communication at some point because people at parties and that's just you know we. Are reminding everyone this is what you need much more than just watered food. He needs and Pakistani and other essentials taking pictures and documents that are so important just to keep the loss on the way. Refilling prescriptions because you can help us out this but at least it's clear that the and it could look at with. Yeah. Every artery. The and it sent. The duties. Shuler. Well at it that you eat eat eat. And pregnant. At. Yeah it. Starts its first part. And an imminent. And statements. Exact. It's. It's an. Out she got cut a check me. It.

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{"duration":"15:54","description":"ABC News' chief meteorologist Ginger Zee talks about what to expect from Hurricane Irma as it threatens Florida and the Caribbean","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"49639079","title":"Hurricane Irma strengthens to Category 5","url":"/US/video/hurricane-irma-strengthens-category-49639079"}