Hurricane Lane bears down on Hawaiian islands

Hurricane Lane edges closer to Hawaii, flash flood warnings in effect.
3:24 | 08/23/18

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Transcript for Hurricane Lane bears down on Hawaiian islands
Good morning everyone we begin with Hawaii in a state of emergency as a major hurricane bears down on the island's people there are bracing. For flooding bracing for landslides and up to thirty inches of rain. Now Griffin is in our weather center tracking it off worsen Mel. What are we seeing now from lane in what do you expect from this storm has. So we got the latest update the central Pacific hurricanes and our talent take you right to the maps here you can see hurricane lane now getting very close that they. Island already up to a foot of rain happen the port report on an island land five reported flash flooding pots and warnings are in fact there. Her healing still a category four with winds up 230 miles per hour got even higher. Up to a 160 miles per hour it's currently. 305 miles out of Honolulu Hawaii. I want to show you the watches and warnings we have hurricane warnings stretching from Hawaii up through a lot of counties and that hurt he watched still get back. Kirk or call why eat so got 75 miles per hour lot we could see those gusts reaching up to a 160 miles per hour in some spots. Rain and up to thirty inches. Flash flood watch is trek across all the islands and the Atlanta I'd already reported on the big island along with flash flooding. We've could reach twenty I eat and with those very destructive ways could bring. Storm surge up into the port beach and beach erosion especially on the south and whacked speaking beaches. You're watching this very closely over the next week port of 48 hours this is the rain and new forecast track. Now let me show you act that hurricane gets closer to the island is going into Connor. Cooler waters in the island's it was going to start weakening pretty rapidly. Already looks like a category three I tonight it's going to go parallel to the big island continuing to lash the big island with. With Barry torrential downpour it. Tropical storm force conditions and and it's going to move and make a westward turn at the important turn that we're hoping happens and that it doesn't get any closer. Q places like a lock including Honolulu now why it only seemed to hurricane. Make landfall on records and we hope this isn't going to get hurt him with its forecast track it looks like. We're going to be okay and weaker now than it once before at that passes neck the Honolulu possibly weakening to a tropical storm. I Saturday morning sell this track looks a little bit more promising that what we've seen over the past twenty per hour some we're just hoping. It stays this way but regardless still watching for tropical storm or hurricane ports conditions. I Friday into Saturday all the way up there all. And now what are the chances at that track changes either. You know and and at worst direction toward the islands or perhaps an even better one away from them. Exactly and this track can still change so you can see here it goes through Saturday today's only Thursday's that we still are watching this for 48 hours. And it think judgeship closer to the island that's and we have one major concerns that's hurricane conditions because I will be close there were also on the dirty side of what we called a hurricane so this is where the worth conditions the worst storm surge. Highest we've got we'll be any clothes aren't done yet. Teasing Alley and a lot who that's what we're looking at. Major conditions hurricane conditions major devastating pot flooding from these torrential downpours on the other hand if it does shift further from the islands. We're looking better more like tropical storm conditions likely for these places so we're hoping for that's yet to continue to move away from the islands but we're just gonna have to watch this very closely over the next week for hours for any changes. Hoping indeed a right now Griffin from our weather office now thank you.

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{"duration":"3:24","description":"Hurricane Lane edges closer to Hawaii, flash flood warnings in effect.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"57359287","title":"Hurricane Lane bears down on Hawaiian islands","url":"/US/video/hurricane-lane-bears-hawaiian-islands-57359287"}