Hurricane Lane keeps churning near Hawaii

The hurricane has already brought more than 2 feet of rain to the Big Island.
2:56 | 08/24/18

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Transcript for Hurricane Lane keeps churning near Hawaii
Now Griffin is in our weather office to help us out there a little bit. He's tracking the storm force and now what can we expect at this point and it's done. Friday and well liked she does that already over two and a half feet of rain has fallen on the eight islands. Got over 65 miles per hour and conditions are going to continue to deteriorate. Across the rest of the islands including an Alley and Lockheed today I felt I wanna start off with a rate with this satellite here. You can bear it's actually weakening that isn't good news for the rest of the Hawaiian island now. Category two hurricane wind up to a 110 miles per hour on the Sally ECI is starting to get that here a little bit the litter signs of weakening. We hear started parent apart but cooler waters. Are weakening as well got still 130 miles per hour act as center. Moving very slowly north at five miles per hour that is why flash flooding as a heavy rain bands continue to lash the island for the next twenty or 48 hours. That's my flash flooding is our biggest threat here with hurt me. Here they must opted 8 track from the central Pacific hurricane center now hurricane force wind got Philip extend up to 35 miles out from the center. On the current track it looks like for the most part. Alley and a lot who will experience only tropical storm reports wing got already got. Up to fifty miles per hour half. Report it and that's going to continue tropical storm conditions we'll continue there for the wrath of that day you can see that hard left turn. That's what we're anticipating self hurricane we will continue to ignore the category Q. Through today through this afternoon and again and eat it most likely I Saturday morning into overnight into Saturday morning the category want a war. Racing out to sea as it makes that hard last returned a week from the island so that is what we're anticipating on the track here right now I don't want it to deceive you because it's still getting. Dangerously close to you a lot you Adam Alley. Over the next. Eighteen to 24 hours that's that we experience. Those conditions deteriorate now a flash flood warning continues for parts that they island that's where over Q&A half feet of rain has been reported. Devastating month by the plant sites are expected. As block as well a catastrophic costs money to continue there rain ten to thirty plus inches we it's could reach 25 feet storm surge up to Cuba for the possible again those strong damaging wind gusts ranging from fifty to seventy miles per hour. Now we talked about the rain and again central with epic hurricane center is warning of catastrophic flash flooding and landslides. Locally an additional. On what has already fallen an additional ten to twenty inches of rain is possible across seventy islands and actively pull up to 48 inches high and so it is just going to be. But they weren't you watching very closely over the next couple hour as. Especially today into tomorrow morning before we have heard him he does kinda read that here or like in that sharp left turn but we know that could always change in either way it looked at this time is going to bring quite an impact of the area. After seeing sorry I'll Griffin there from our weather office thanks now.

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{"duration":"2:56","description":"The hurricane has already brought more than 2 feet of rain to the Big Island.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"57381703","title":"Hurricane Lane keeps churning near Hawaii","url":"/US/video/hurricane-lane-churning-hawaii-57381703"}