Inside the Macy's Parade Studio

ABC News' Angela Williams goes behind the scenes with the team in charge of Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade.
11:16 | 11/15/16

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Transcript for Inside the Macy's Parade Studio
One chancellor Williams here with ABC news. T today from within not even Jersey I'm and what we have seats that we are inside. Of being Macy's parade studio this. Where the place where V repair all of looks for the big Thanksgiving Day parade could have fixed this person you meet today. He makes race. Thank you thanks for coming out today today is our. Building. Yeah that would like X and everybody down that that's not a public event. This is out and given us a sneak peek today at some of the it's that low when they're like little children in the air but it's done music some of the load and also in Mexico but there you see it. Children many around the fact that it. It does. He select group of easily third fourth graders. Because that's our you know it's like you're you're open for your review with you reviewers coming in from the times and did everything. All of these are real review this case it. The third graders like. That we know we've done and they are still. It's so wonderful way to get the partnership with the Girl Scouts. I learned so much about the girls guys and who. How many can. Discounting program from. From the youngest I don't know. Shown here in the selects. Aspects that. We've seen this. That his time. The outdoor elements like. This wonderful store are some verses you see here and rainbow. Com. Because restaurants are. I'm today in modern and that makes false. Hearing. I'm trying. We'll see if it in the right yeah it really didn't want him. Joke brand new hope that we see seventy today and we. Were you can't take the week together. Sketch. The presentation today. Can take anywhere from five to nine months depending on the complexity. Involved in of the float in the nation. Engineer. How how long does it take to put together on parade night my team put this together into. What we see here today if so that we can get it and then come and asked him apart because everyone. Story floats at UCC a winding arts morning. Why they have to listen link total. So they can be no more than eighty feet wide no more than twelve and a half feet tall. Marines single unit weak bill. Thank god I don't have fun on Thanksgiving night because the Port Authority works 1000 closes. Well we go straight fumbling around the tollbooth but it. So it's. Now he says that your teeth and take up coming. People aren't seeing. Lottery. Did enough parade studio there are 26 time people. Through the whole year and then as we getting close to home we start adding. Smokers whatever we need pictures and that's when my Constantine. So after about forty right now. But on Thanksgiving eve will divide in the three team. Floats balloons Constance. Balloons will have an additional an addition to my team to go through them. Another 170 people who are volunteers come in and work immediately in the floats we'll have another 12050. People who work with them overnight the assembly of the floats and Kimberly like memory the head of Mike Doss. Is the same in my book she. As you 150. People she's got to oversee and three location. It's costing 4000. People 800 of them are going to get in the make up to come into the parade and two hours and fifteen minutes and that's all. That's when my daughter was coming up I couldn't get hurt us about her school and Evelyn about it it doesn't look crazy blues I mean really risk. With a force a little hard to maneuver. We've got home moments. It's nothing. You know. I definitely do. We got actually we got informers and for rehearsal it was the first time we'll. We have made for a rehearsal and yet the very first time that got an era were like wow. Perhaps the next thing you know just like I think. The kind of dance and I'm soon against the the unit back at them. I read about. But yeah. Leave it right. I. What's new clothes campaign I've been telling him to break every year. Have you with us were numbered years and they will know. In breaks elected to throw for knows loves and turns over who's going to be our partners. That's all other committee let them deal with them and then they bring them to me and that's when minds. And we need somebody like. Same thing about it. Let me get I am happy. Decided. If I'm good idea to actually visit dancing. Out next will come at him. They're doing it. Singling that they. And a funeral and bullet in the mountain. Yeah. That's about. CNN the parade but it. Look at your birthday down take a look up there and yes that he has any real working water. And it will be a lot of all we're honor all the way down the parade. And out in front of it why is also known for its volcanoes. So we have right now this volcano that. Having lab also that losing over the size and when our talents stands up there you're going to see that there live from beneath. From all of the lap of. To the point where did he. I'm making no promises. No I. And he thought about how. What a garden helps him. Have a. I think they Healy that. Yeah cars travel it might look. Start saying I don't. Great folks of the good news about their I don't know I'm eyewitness investment at all. You might do my season last you don't mind it made but let me. If there's one. Here you know Thanksgiving. Day we always love it because we start with Tom Turkey. And we had good guy and rents and frankly we're doing here in Ypsilanti. You open up my Christmas holiday C. There. Why don't get nervous. I do believe site and and I feel excitement mostly because like. Didn't work done by a Miami. And that seem to kids. Really big you know and that's that's what it's all about. We'll make sure that this is it time to celebrate. We're celebrating ninety years mobile county celebrating. Really celebrating. This in a country like this on what I consider to be the best quality of all. Holiday when this family and its friends when community what we all come together we don't eat too much. We watched you many sports things we loved seeing giant characters flying through the air and Sandra comes to town. Thank you payment went towards the site is he wanted to let you first look at them at the look let me Thanksgiving Day parade so that we're going to. In life but.

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{"id":43557744,"title":"Inside the Macy's Parade Studio ","duration":"11:16","description":"ABC News' Angela Williams goes behind the scenes with the team in charge of Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade. ","url":"/US/video/inside-macys-parade-studio-43557744","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}