Inside the Senate offices

ABC News' Ali Rogin takes a closer look at the former Senate office of President Barack Obama.
3:19 | 02/18/19

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Transcript for Inside the Senate offices
I'm Alan Rogan on Capitol Hill one of the coolest parts of covering congress is the fact that there's history everywhere you turn. In fact six former presidents used to work in these very halls where they went on to the Oval Office we're taking you inside those offices to see what it was like where these former president's work. Today we're checking out the office of then senator Barack Obama. We're in the office of senator Sherrod brown and around thank you so much for that you can letting I think here today this office used to be occupied by then senator Barack Obama. Who I want to be president who can't remember yeah I'm Santelli what does it. Mean to you to occupy this office here he left this office and at the end of 2008. Obviously. I was in the Russell building and this office was open this is a bigger office. Not because he became president but because he represented a big state. There's a reps and big states so there's there's a little more space allocated to senators in the biggest state so. This one was perfect and I like that there's a little plaque on the wall bomb outside the door of every senator who later became president so there's Kennedy's office there's Johnson's office and there's Nixon's office. Pick for Obama's office over Nixon's office. And I get so we moved got to know him in my 06 race for this and he came out hope to do it and number movements. It and when he ran an 08 nights spent a lot of time with him in Ohio really more than in the senate office. Presidential candidates kind of give up person. So I spend a lot of time bosses and Ohio and all over the place campaigning what. But the bad the best moment was Sunday night for the election. Because Ohio such an important swing state in key state you know President Obama Senator Obama knew we had a big good chance to win. There was a rally with estimated by the media 80000 people in Cleveland. And the president that this the young senator from Illinois was was late this candidates are incidents. But I stood waiting for him with three icons of the civil rights movement from Cleveland. Otis Moss and we don't loss season pastor he knew Doctor King she knew doctor king and and then I also was standing with Connie and I'm like we're standing with congressman Lou stokes longtime congressman his brother was the first black mayor of a major American city Cleveland. And I just listen to them I said almost nothing Connie said almost nothing just listen to what this moment meant to them. Thinking it would never come they never thought they'd see a black president and they were. They were just talking about it in ways that I wish I had. As soon as it was over one home and started writing in journals with what they said because they they really did think they weren't sure this is gonna happen the polls that addiction never now. And they were so proud of this young senator who may dearly loved. Knew him pretty well that point and we're thrilled what have been for the country. So obviously this isn't any office one former presidents have are you gonna try to make it to. I'm not quite made I really don't know but I do I do predict at this office wolf produced because our country's gonna last long time in his buildings really well bill that. There's a good chance this office will someday produce another president of the United States their only hundred senators and our country won't go centuries into the future in this building will last so we will see absolutely they're gonna run out of plaques that yet again that think you simply can't do.

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{"duration":"3:19","description":"ABC News' Ali Rogin takes a closer look at the former Senate office of President Barack Obama.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"61146923","title":"Inside the Senate offices","url":"/US/video/inside-senate-offices-61146923"}