Irma devastates Islamorada, Florida

ABC News' Rachel Scott surveys Irma damage in the island village of Islamorada.
4:46 | 09/13/17

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Transcript for Irma devastates Islamorada, Florida
He airy got here for eating an erotic acts he pulled over the side of the road if you look at this assist any co condominiums and as you can see behind me. It completely leveled out this was actually three stories. And it is completely leveled down now inside you can see some of the now actresses. Inside there and you golf with you fill but the air conditioning is laws. A lot of the debris the walls completely falling over and again I just swept clean up this was three stories and so that completely leveled down as Herman made its way through here. It's still grounded by water here we haven't gotten closer inside you could only imagine the damage that some of the residents here gonna have to come Holtz who else would point out. That was standing on what was actually the driveway he would look down right here you could actually see that this whole part your. It's completely separated there is a pipe in between and this whole thing was. The drive we leading up to this. Three story condominium. I talked to a neighbor that lives just two houses down luckily for him his home was actually OK but. He was stunned to see some of the damage that was behind me. And was just shocked at this three story building completely just leveled down he's actually sleeping in his motor home right now his art need. Looking at his house Nichols and it's okay. But he simply just doesn't have power he doesn't have electricity until he sleeping in his art mean because. It is a little bit more comfortable for him and he stocked up on food and water and all of those things hoping to get some cruise down here. The cleanup fees at this cousin actually live next to ward and they are you can see a woman of the damage on oh. Some fallen trees appalled palm tree there and hit luckily his home as well has minimal damage. But this whole behind me as you can see the destruction just this year warts that her hat at that lasted through this area. Irma Key West at about seventy miles away from here what is astonishing as I can tell you is back next order last there was another building that looks about three. Three stories high and it is perfectly okay actually. That building is still intact I don't know what the structural damage is on the inside but just the exterior shots of that. Are okay and we're seeing similar things as we're driving now we're seeing you know maybe 11 building next or is totally fine with the next is completely. And the destruction that is behind me is just quite unbelievable. We drove down here late last night. An honor weighed down sighting of the Erie that it will gas is very little gas stations opened in and the ones that were opened were running out of I'll water they're running out of ice. A lot of the residents that camp out in this area hunkered down for the storm we're just. Looking for food they say that they are not starving yet but they are rationing their will here. As they are getting help by no you know an emergency services have been on the way we think. We have seen several of them pass by on the highway behind us and they're trying to get to those residents that are in need every need and also clean up some of the power lines. That may house all over in this area. But I gotta tell you about a lot of the hotels and a lot of the residents here are completely shut down and close off. We drove for about 45 minutes before we were actually able to find a place this day. And only got there they said hey we have a place for you to stay will be you're gonna have a roof over your head the list and there are no there's no electricity. There is no power. And it is humid here we are talking about being in. Laura in the summer and so it is really humid outside. And you can feel and I talked at one. Residents in this area that was actually staying at the think we'll tell that you were act. And they said he had to just walked outside to try and catch a little bit of debris youth but they said they were actually having a hard time sleeping in their room. I know couple members of our crew actually slept in their cars last night because of simply just. Too hot and humid to stay inside but again we're just getting a first look at the damage to your on the ground we're gonna start heading towards Key West feel little bit. More of that damage. Here in Florida and again just startling came from Miami Beach and that's what we were hunkered down for this storm. Luckily there. There was minimal damage rooms but not badly damaged there some falling trees uprooted trees but most of the residents that we talk to set their homes. Were okay and they were just happy to be alive. A few shop owners and if you restaurant owners that we talked to a Miami Beach are actually hoping to reopen tomorrow. And are hoping to get people customers back into the store but an adjustment if you. One last look at this image behind me as it pulled over here and again if you're just joining us this was actually. 83 story building and it's completely leveled out you can see some of the destruction and the damage that's inside. Be sure to stick with ABC news for all of your permit coverage as nicotine history the destruction here in Florida for now I'm Rachel Scott or ABC news.

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{"id":49815770,"title":"Irma devastates Islamorada, Florida","duration":"4:46","description":"ABC News' Rachel Scott surveys Irma damage in the island village of Islamorada.","url":"/US/video/irma-devastates-islamorada-florida-49815770","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}