Jalen Rose helps to vaccinate underserved communities in Detroit

The former NBA star hosted a vaccination event at the Jalen Rose Leadership Academy on the city’s west side.
6:53 | 05/11/21

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Transcript for Jalen Rose helps to vaccinate underserved communities in Detroit
Meanwhile as of action rollout continues there are some communities. At risk of being left behind in Michigan. Black Americans make up just 9% of those vaccinated as of may third. Despite making up 14% of the State's population we've seen similar disparities in many parts of our country. Some people are putting their shoulders to the we'll fix that including former NBA star Detroit native. Fab four star and fab five's give me EST I doubt can I do that ESP NAM and ABC analyst Jalen Rose Eldred Detroit residents get their. Last shot at leadership. Academy on the city's west side jail and thanks very much for being with his amount trouble with my wife a Michigan native was a huge fan. But the good work and so what inspired you to turn. Your leadership academy. In order vaccination site and why was it's important for you to do so. There are on the on warm BM Warner raised century. The city her community. Citizens mean everything to me. In the needs here argued aren't intrigued you wanna do that we're months aren't my energy or money among not much. And I realize that the corona virus who's there. It and your numbers were staggering. 9%. Are black Americans and featuring are getting vaccinated. We have to wake up ends here is to bring our fears are real. S citizens in the United States of America. Members of the police. Open government. And so we're gonna be hesitant in the latter rounds so going Yiddish we're gonna think there's something else is behind the curtain. My what's that got you moment. But this is different 600000 people have died due to corona virus we're wearing masks now this is something might we've never done. Sports were reporting infants who were not wearing neck until. Young people can go back to school and so we compulsion normally a society. It's extremely important that we get vaccinated. On really fortunate Benji or a link. Was backed nations aren't our goal is to be and he can in the community educating her people might meet and endorsers 2011. And we. We meet holds 400 plus most moons not includes world. And another 600. That are secondary education college university community college trees bloom a military. So we current 1000 students and when you here to vaccinations. Are not billable between. Sixteen year olds and older it's marine ordinance community doesn't reach in the U back so. We grew thirty vaccinations. And some people. That means lots of us that means a lot or immunity. And coldly people your moral voice and could either be encouraged to blog index and. And -- you doing so much to provide more access to vaccines how are you combating. That vaccine hesitancy that you're describing how do you are sure people. That this is safe and this is something they should do is there a message that you feel in your experience is getting through. It isn't in the room I'll be honest we're being I'm an old man because I'm almost didn't do. But there are some keyboard better 65 and older that I had he's conversations where. That our im not only are my neighbors. Or are you and I'll tell you what it takes so my niece at least semi battle in years also. We go armor around you are US rivals like we're seeing business in his. You have been sincere. In Soledad right onions and would this and the person I'm. Your sons your daughters your grange is were not able to go to school. This or that person and you would give me hear your teachers. This is different distance real this has been daily news extremely important in eagle on get vaccinated. And extremely fortunate. In week four and as well as the Detroit Pistons. Did their job reached or Jay early it was and brought the news really important really important work. And Joseph and beyond vaccinations this pandemic. You know we all know has been so difficult for schools so how has your leadership academy handled. Those challenges. So just bigger bottom line to report trend in regard goalless adult or forty young Abraham screens are. Just during a much less screen time were young beaten. Now all of a sudden that they're going school. And also let me show you a dynamic. When you have means. In a lot of situations. In particular suburb in. You know the scene and you home school. And environment deeds is good at not more comfortable. In the one that you haven't school. Will it worse just super young people religion and intercede. This school environment provides and skate. 48 and non how most of beer romp she would ever motivated Perrier needs to be Iran your teacher. Works and be right. We get out your home to get out of your community to put yourself in position right you're making the difference. What's been extremely tough to beat. I'm learning virtually drops harsh app ops are scholar didn't do and a bit sticky and indeed administer your. We're virtually earned a rest of the school year round three did you wait to. Get as many people needing just what what eager scholar. Our four step back and build. So many fingers crossed on that and and Jalen. There may and other athletes and commentators are spoken out about getting vaccines out they're getting people vaccinated how important is it do you think. For athletes to make their voices heard when it comes to issues like this and anyone with a public flap more. It's extremely important when people are minimize you don't trade news big sports. Or Cher and durable but the minutes of manipulation. What they're really telling you we're they understand all your voice in the they understand how many people community acts and listened to you. They understand how meaning. They understand you Spaniards and European gene destined to be your people be your union and you can make a difference. And indeed while leading by example and so many ways the education. Here is these vaccines are the same arm remained zero AM holy site. And an intra being beaten in the community. Who not only and so you know Pete murder we're graduating from school in Alice colossal. On the community at all. ESPN analyst Jalen Rose member of the fab five. And great mission gander great American thanks for what you're doing thanks for being with us. Hello.

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{"duration":"6:53","description":"The former NBA star hosted a vaccination event at the Jalen Rose Leadership Academy on the city’s west side.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"77629133","title":"Jalen Rose helps to vaccinate underserved communities in Detroit","url":"/US/video/jalen-rose-helps-vaccinate-underserved-communities-detroit-77629133"}