Joe Biden fires up striking Stop & shop workers

Former Vice President Joe Biden tells striking Stop & Shop workers 'don't give up'.
3:24 | 04/18/19

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Transcript for Joe Biden fires up striking Stop & shop workers
Look look at this crowd. Looks like my own neighborhood it is grant it like Barack aren't really meant it. Of people buster act people go out and make eleven people play by the rules people of done every they're supposed to do. People aren't titled retreat respect and decency fairness. Now my dad used to say Joey jobs about a lot board paycheck. It's about your decent at your place in the community. About hired treated it's about decency and honor it's about being an electric candy I'd say honey it's gonna be okay and read it. When he lost a job and not made it. I'm not joking about this is not political but this God's truth. My dad laughs grant network every time someone loses a job plant Ottawa where it. He'd say that it's about a lot more than a pay check what's happened and here is workers are not being treated across the board with dignity. They're not being treated like that matter. Let me get straight you all. Wall Street bankers and CEO did not build America you don't build America Britain of America. These guys made this for our company made four billion dollars in the last two years. Almost three hot 250 million dollar tax cut back that the president put broke through. They grow. Up they think about it. You know. They bought back three billion dollars and her own stock you know why. Because that increases the moderate lot of the value of stock that left. That means that CEO gets paid a hell ought marked the wealthy get paid a lot more and us doctors get paid a lot war you know used to bay. It used to pay that the only only stakeholder corporations. Were not yes. Shareholder. I got a cartoon to my office that you ought Marty every John Frederick any turnaround was on the penalties by now I have my other opposite men. It says the pictures of New Yorkers picture. Great broke John Guy with black or black black mask black beret and he said it tabled in interrogated the great big. Bag burlap bag the table money signed on in his look at the interrogators say how was I supposed to know he was the job creator. What had happened no people or job critters are stockholders. Why did that happen. My dad Boston's Aaron Sele and automobiles that matter humid not heeding crate jobs all but got a lot. You don't crate jobs all of Madonna line we used to have everybody who's on the dale. Usually a basic bargain. Leakage through the benefit of the doubt that you work you've got to share the benefits. But that happen anymore. Got up very little productivity is gone up exponentially. Worries. The same place before luck guys. We've had enough of this. Barbara made it we've got enough for this is not just apple here its happened in the union movements all across the country and a lot of ordinary people get not their support group. A pre show what you do. It's all of us guys do. Really. It's all. We've got to start recognized what people do because it matters to everybody. It matters whether or not they feel respected.

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{"duration":"3:24","description":"Former Vice President Joe Biden tells striking Stop & Shop workers 'don't give up'.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"62496380","title":"Joe Biden fires up striking Stop & shop workers","url":"/US/video/joe-biden-fires-striking-stop-shop-workers-62496380"}