Judge delays public release of police bodycam video of Andrew Brown Jr. shooting

Though some say releasing the bodycam video is of public interest, the judge ruled otherwise but allowed the video to be released to the Brown family.
4:34 | 04/28/21

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Judge delays public release of police bodycam video of Andrew Brown Jr. shooting
Let's talk about the judge's decision in this important case and the family's reaction is what we're joined by lawn crime network legal analyst Terry Austin. And wisdom Powell the director of the health disparities in stared at the University of Connecticut welcome you both and Terry let me go to you took a look at the North Carolina law. It does really empower judges in this situation. These body cam videos are not considered under that State's law to be public records to police records and is the judge you really. Makes the calls there's a dispute and you said. That releasing this video is in the public interest as have many other media organizations. So what do you think of the judge's decision here. Well I don't agree with the judge's decision but I didn't think he is sticking to that public records law section 132 that you just quoted Carrie Ann under section. G further down in that lot they didn't talk about. The criteria that the judge must look at and he looks at the public and says he looks at that confidentiality. He looks at the fact that it might. Harm the investigation and when he went through those eight or so criteria he decided that it should not be released. But he could be disclosed to the family so he soared and Cuddy in and middle bearing and did allow for the disclosure but not for the release and he is really sticking. You that statue. That wisdom as more and more officers get equipped with body cameras where we're unfortunately likely to see more and more police related debts caught on camera so how we balance. The value of being able to see these things ingests these situations for ourselves with the trauma that comes with watching them is there any danger. Of normalizing these incidents by putting too much out there. That's a really great question because it speaks to 1 of their central challenges. With releasing these kinds of video. We know that healing can only begin when people begin to beer and witness to these events so. There is something really important. About being able to have the videos and being able to see them but viewing them repeated police. And continuously. Is not something that is psychologically or emotionally healthy fare for any of us so it is a tough. Balance to strike but here's the run I think that if we. You know him don't allow people to view the videos and we have no risk we run the risk and injuring more miss trust. On the parts of that communities public institutions particularly our law enforcement. And eventually that this will be made public so that but they are fighting it tooth and nail there. And wisdom that the judge did say. That apparently would be able to see the videos within the next ten days for the family said the they're disappointed that it's not being made public. Now there also expressed frustration at that remarkable moment before the cameras were there were there there they were. Telling us that they were only allowed to see a 22 clip so. How we came from from the position of the family. What is seeing this. Do it's you were just talking about the trauma of that how does it impact their grief that the counties really stonewalling them here. And. Absolutely the grieving the loss the trauma is really in the death. And Jim Brown junior it's in the shooting for the murder of ancient brown junior it's not necessarily just. Residing in that capacity didn't preview it's I can understand the family's position they have lost a loved one they want. Truths and accountability and they also want to know what. Happen to him and I think they have a right to to that knowledge and understanding. I don't think that we should be barring them from seeing the video they're living with the realities. Along the injured brown junior so the video showing it to them at this point can only be. I'm for them. Real catharsis and an opportunity for them to make peace for making meaning. I'm in some ways some small measure of what happened to their loved ones. And Terry real quick I just I ask you what happens now with the investigation it seems the whole point of delaying the publicly release in this videos to protect the investigation so what will the DA and other investigators do with this time that they know how. Well they certainly got to focus on that video Diane but they're also going to look at everything else that occurred on that scene so that they have would be picture of what went on there to talk to witnesses so they tended to their normal investigation to make sure that they have all the information they need to bring the charges. It was an Howland Terry Austin always great to have you both thank you thank you.

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{"duration":"4:34","description":"Though some say releasing the bodycam video is of public interest, the judge ruled otherwise but allowed the video to be released to the Brown family. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"77376236","title":"Judge delays public release of police bodycam video of Andrew Brown Jr. shooting","url":"/US/video/judge-delays-public-release-police-bodycam-video-andrew-77376236"}