June 8, 1991: The men and women of Operation Desert Storm parade through Washington, DC

The very expensive victory celebration was criticized by taxpayers.
6:01 | 02/08/18

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Video Transcript
Transcript for June 8, 1991: The men and women of Operation Desert Storm parade through Washington, DC
It was the biggest victory celebration in the nation's capital has seen since World War II. The men and women of Operation Desert Storm paraded proudly through Washington today in a jubilant official welcome home. The several 100000 people who assembled to watch today's parade came to Washington for a variety of reasons and not all of them were celebrating. Here's ABC's Kathleen Delaski. Oh I'm sorry we're going to bring you those reports in just a moment. In the meantime there has been more than a little criticism of the cost of today's victory celebration. And the price tag keeps getting bigger. The original estimate was eight million dollars with tax payers sporting three million dollars of the bill. And private donations taking care of the remaining five million. But today the cost is estimated at twelve billion million dollars seven million up which is coming from government funds. The Pentagon says they are taking it from existing operational account. Private donors include major corporations like Sony and AT&T. And Coca-Cola. Wonder Bread and Haagen Dazs ice cream. Among the biggest private contributors were the nations of Kuwait and Saudi Arabia they put up one million dollars each. And now will go to the report on Kathleen Delaski about some of the reasons that people came to see Operation Desert Storm celebration. For most fled waivers along the parade route victory felt sweet. Linda Sanborn brought her nine month old twins from New York to see their fathers moment of glory. Beat Kansas City. Air force captain Doug Sanborn flew 130. Combat hours during the war. His job to confuse Iraqi pilots by using electronic countermeasures. Batman six weeks of anxiety for his wife back home as she coped with two newborns. Alan I just that innovative our spot Doug's father called today's celebration exhilarating. I'm very happy that that there's so many youth in our country that are willing to make sacrifices. Similar to what my son is done. Loan for their their life on the line. Martha Psycho son also put his life on the line only she could not look for him and the homecoming parade. Stephen Psycho and army reserve man died when a scud missile hit his barracks in Saudi Arabia. She came because she wanted to bring her grandson five year old Jake so he will remember his lost father as a hero. For the families that could not celebrate the families of the 268. Who died in the Persian gulf. There was a special memorial service and to thank you from the ambassador of Kuwait. We share your grief. We share your sorrows. We are also. Share your card. A lone trumpet played taps. And the formation flew overhead with one plane missing. To symbolize the fallen soldiers. Kathleen Delaski ABC news Washington. And now we have our lead report an overview of today today's events here in Washington here's ABC's Steve Shepard. The skies were brilliant blue the temperatures mild. The margin began from the base of Capitol Hill. Leading the victorious troops was the man who led them in the mideast. Smiling and clearly proud general Norman Schwartz Bob. At the presidential reviewing stand Schwarzkopf saluted his commander in chief. And join the president and mrs. bush wants the troops get their official welcome home from America. As military aircraft roared overhead and M one tanks planes along the pavement. The tens of thousands on hand shouted their approval. Reddy's said they came simply to express their appreciation. Hate certainly deserved the US supported the American public amusement on her divorce court. So 141000. That allowed but I. But while the mood of the day was festive those who gave their lives in desert storm were honored and remembered. At a memorial service at Arlington national cemetery President Bush spoke emotionally of the price that had to be paid for victory. We dared risk our most precious asset. Our sons and daughters. Our Brothers and sisters. Our husbands and wives. The finest troops any country has ever had. Those troops appeared delighted to be marching drew applause in the nation's capital. There were a handful of demonstrators along the parade route voicing their opposition to the war. But on the whole demonstrators were not only few would orderly and had no real effect on the parade. While two protesters did attempt to climb a Bradley Fighting Vehicle the police stop that quickly. The fact is Operation Desert Storm was strongly supported by Americans. And that support was visible in Washington today as the troops were thanked by their fellow citizens. Steve Shepard ABC news Washington. And in New York this weekend there painting Broadway with yellow ribbons for an even bigger victory parade that we'll take place on Monday. It will include 20000 members of the military and is expected to draw two million spectators. The New York festivities are expected to cost two point six million dollars. To be paid entirely by private contributions.

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{"id":52933881,"title":"June 8, 1991: The men and women of Operation Desert Storm parade through Washington, DC","duration":"6:01","description":"The very expensive victory celebration was criticized by taxpayers.","url":"/US/video/june-1991-men-women-operation-desert-storm-parade-52933881","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}