Kevin Spacey pleads not guilty

The actor pleaded not guilty to allegedly groping an 18-year-old busboy.
4:55 | 01/07/19

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Transcript for Kevin Spacey pleads not guilty
And we start today out in Nantucket Massachusetts that's where actor Kevin Spacey of house of cards fame and other big films of course. I was just in court to answer accusations from 2016 that he groped a young man in a bar there. It has turned the island into a media frenzy that's where our. Lindsey Davis is she's just outside the courthouse there Lindsay this all just went down the judge. I seen Kevin Spacey. In court tell us what happened. Yeah just a set the scene for you DeVon outside of the courthouse you know for those who haven't been to Nantucket before it's a very charming small island and normally during the offseason it's. Very quiet but today. Certainly things are abuzz with lots of media clamoring outside of this courthouse right behind me. The scene just a few moments ago and Kevin Spacey walked into a side door of the courthouse of course he was pounded by of photographers and reporters asking lots of questions he did not say a word he was in an out of of course with just moved in within just a matter of minutes did enter as we expected a plea of not guilty and good two time Oscar winner will add that he's. Charged with felony indecent assault and battery for allegedly groping and then. Eighteen year old at a bar here in Nantucket in 2016. Now for Boston news anchor Heather Unruh says it's her son his base he has sought to describing him as a star struck straight eighteen year old young man. Who admits telling facing that he was 23 even though he was. Eighteen at the time they'll all Spacey was hardly seen publicly since multiple allegations have been made against him on Christmas Eve. The very same day that he was charged Spacey posted this video on Twitter channeling his Netflix character in house of cards frank under way. I know what you know. You want him back. Of course. Believed everything in and just been waiting with bated breath to him he confess at all. They just dying to have made it clear that everything said it is true that I got what I deserved. In the Beason. It was all so simple. Who you and I both know it's never that simple non politics and on line. But you wouldn't believe the worst without evidence would you you would rush to judgments without facts would you. Did you. One of today a statement or actually read a statement to from the the attorney for the victim a man who we we when we asked him for comment today said that fire reporting the sexual assault. My client is determined encouraging voice for those victims not yet ready to report being sexually assaulted. My client is leading by example have no further comment because of the pending criminal case that we did here inside the court. That Spacey is the case will continue in March though he does not have to makes an appearance is he is convicted if there's a trial and he is found guilty could face up to. Five years in prison according to the criminal complaint. The victim says that he actually has snapped chat video that he sent to his girlfriend on the alleged assault. Un investigators now have that video however Kevin's bases attorney says that look this video doesn't show any one being groped at all. You know this this case sort of came out of that big wave of me two moments. In the past year of people coming forward accusing a Hollywood stars' power players in this behavior. Or why has this case gotten so much attention. And how was it different from some of those other cases that we've their reading about. You know I think it's it's similar to a lot of the men and number aways and that. You know they're been. That the statute of limitations has passed on a number of the accusers who come forward. And so Kevin Spacey it's reported that he has about thirty people who come forward with. These kinds of varying. Allegations ranging from sexual harassment. To sexual assault but they this is one of those cases it hasn't happened in. In 2016. With an eighteen year old where there is still time that is a court wanted to act they could. Go forward with charges and it what we've seen in the number of donor cases stands your original question how it's different over the other cases. You know your passed a statute of limitations and so there isn't an opportunity. To kind of you know if the allegations are true have big. The accused senator pay a price here but we'll still say you know this is obviously alternate continued. In March. And we'll see if there is now a trial or enough evidence information to go forward against Kevin Spacey.

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{"duration":"4:55","description":"The actor pleaded not guilty to allegedly groping an 18-year-old busboy. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"60212974","title":"Kevin Spacey pleads not guilty ","url":"/US/video/kevin-spacey-enter-plea-60212974"}