Kevin Spacey's accuser takes the stand

The case appeared to be in jeopardy after a key piece of evidence was lost.
1:22 | 07/09/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Kevin Spacey's accuser takes the stand
When asked you about another case and I know you've been following and that some. Highly controversial case it's making headlines the Kevin Spacey trial. There was a bit and a bit of back and forth in court with the accusers so what do we know about what's going on there. This is the first time the now 21 year old was a teenager at the time was accused Kevin Spacey of groping imminent Nantucket barn when he sixteen actually had to appear in court in connection with the criminal case. And at one point he took the fifth. There's there's some evidence that seems to have gone missing is a cell phone. That the defense has put as the linchpin of the case because it contained a text messages that discussed the night. Of the alleged groping and that there are some of the messages were deleted and while the accusers. Said in open court can really know about it. The defense attorney Preston and civilly. Do you know that deleting text messages as a crime and that's when he decided that he would invoke his right against self incrimination without his testimony. That that the cases really teetering and even the judge said. This may have to be dismissed. Yeah thumb so. Glad you're here on definitely wanted to keep us updated on those because both a lot a long way to go right oh for sure yet seems just beginning in. Kevin Spacey may be nearing the end yes so Aaron -- ski thank you so much for joining us on set.

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{"duration":"1:22","description":"The case appeared to be in jeopardy after a key piece of evidence was lost.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"64219355","title":"Kevin Spacey's accuser takes the stand","url":"/US/video/kevin-spaceys-accuser-takes-stand-64219355"}