Key moments from Derek Chauvin trial

The former Minneapolis police officer was charged with the murder of George Floyd after restraining him on May 25, 2020.
4:34 | 04/20/21

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Transcript for Key moments from Derek Chauvin trial
George Floyd's final word this line may 25 from 2020. Work from complete so we'll. I can't break from the UK limited to nine minutes from twenty its. She started seventeen minutes before the of the back nine minutes into its. We the jury in the above entitled matter is count tube. Third degree murder perpetrating an eminently dangerous act by the defendant guilty. I. I identified myself anyway because. I noticed that he needed. And it didn't take me to realize that he is an altered level of consciousness. The name was. Across. Through which. Good to you check this out okay you know which. Moreover. Our sites hosted music that you want to protect its other name but certainly. When I look at dorsal it looked at. But then again it was. My brother and we'll get cousins. Uncles. Because there are plant. People who are homeless. The he. Many issues. We head closed school he made issues. We all we're going to be gone to school long time. Let them join us and cook he would make sure you have a Smith you know more. That's the objectively reasonable. We have to take into account. The circumstances information. And the threat to the officer -- few others that is not. Our policy. That is not what we teach. And Judy can own. Business and PD authorize a restraint. Yeah would be something. Does happens or just. And under what circumstances. One can you do that I don't know prison time for independent circumstances it. Which. The tires since game in this. My opinion. The law enforcement do restraint and this just more. Those work and they're. Floyd died. From alone oxygen. This. Cause damage to his brain and see and it also cause. At PEA every man that caused car to stop. The cause on that loan. Laws. Small brands. I can see with a high degree of medical certainty. Two were fully did not die from a primary cardiac event. And he did not die. From metro news. These. Significant should be G conditions. Would be since. But the heart disease and one. He would. The toxicology defensible. And fish and game. It is. Exposure to name vehicle its walls. Potentially cause monoxide poisoning. Not just going right to the punch lemon carbon monoxide. Then we'll talk about it some way. And seen if any. We're test results. Mr. Obama supported handy single injury from carbon monoxide is that true. Industry because businesses. Are important candidate what is actually was from sir yesterday's trip. Is there any objective medical finding in your heart autopsy. Tension or significant amount of pressure to back. Again I think we've covered. Any injuries to mr. Outside his body can opt she wonders can make and that's. Is this your decision that. Israel are getting questions about your rate remains four you know. This time it. We that your in the oven matters now one unintentional. Murder and felony. An opening to. Agree it is April point 1144.

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{"duration":"4:34","description":"The former Minneapolis police officer was charged with the murder of George Floyd after restraining him on May 25, 2020.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"77172484","title":"Key moments from Derek Chauvin trial","url":"/US/video/key-moments-derek-chauvin-trial-77172484"}